Cheap(ish) Kickstand

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by skrew37, May 15, 2011.

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    I noticed that when using my stock kickstand, my bike leaned very much to the left, almost tipping over. I bought an adjustable kickstand from Target (Schwinn brand) for around $5 which is on sale now as I write this. After getting it home, I realized that it's pretty much adjustable from what must be a BMX to a BeachCruiser, i.e. still too short. So, what I did was went to Lowe's (metal parts are cheaper there than HomeDepot for some reason...actually quite a few identical items are for some reason, but I digress...and bought a length of 1/2" HR Square Tube for $5 ($7 at HD). Why square you may ask? The round steel tube didn't fit, but the round aluminum tube was the best bet ($9-$11) but I'm cheap. I cut a length of approx. 12", slathered the stub of the adjustable kickstand with JB weld and twisted on the length being careful not to squeegee off the ooze with the (cut, cleaned, and painted) square tube. It looks awesome, very DIY, and my bike stands upright...I guess there are better ones out there, but I like to do things myself, make them personal you know?....