cheap led headlight and tail lights with pics

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  1. I was at an auction last night. This is the same place that is a closeout store during the week. Thursday I bought and mounted a swiss made aluminum pletscher model c back rack . That was $3 . Last night among other deals was a pilot demonstration model led with 2- 4" strips , a momentary switch ,and a 1 inch square battery box with 12 watch batteries. It is model cz-176. Mine is blue to match the bike.
    The picture shows another switch that I will use. I am mounting the switch and batteries under the seat ,probably in an little plastic case from electrical tape unless i find something else. I will use double stick tape. The strips will go horizontally on the back rack and vertically on the neck of the bike.
    Hopefully the batteries are decent and the led's draw no power.
    We took the lights out for a test and they can be seen at 400 feet+
    Not bad for $2.
    I'll post again when I get it all hooked up. Need a few short tie wraps.

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  3. pic?

    Pic is in my gallery. The other ones are coming when I finish the little project.
  4. Back rack and lights are on - more pictures----

    The new swiss back rack and led lighting system are on. The light switch and battery pack are packed in an ice breakers container . Pretty weather tight. Powered by 10 watch batteries in a little case that came with the display model pilot cz-176b. The switch I had lying around. Total for both $5.





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