Cheaper GEBE pulley supply

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by grinningremlin, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. butterbean

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    Whizzer sheave is the same size and made for v-belt. Now all I need to know is whether there is enough room between my engine and my jackshaft to fit the clutch.

  2. grinningremlin

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    You should be able to, it's just tough plastic.Though there is enough "meat" toward center, it looks like it would be important for the belt no to be more than 9mm at it's widest, the outer wall that holds the belt is quite thin, and I don't know if it could take the sideways pressure.That's one place the whizzer sheave will always be superior.
  3. butterbean

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    Whizzer sheave is the same size, and if all the parts I'm planning to use will fit, my cruising ratio will be 12:1 exactly, whereas my current ratio is 12.44:1, so the difference should be negligible at best, and hill climbing/takeoff gear estimated a bit lower.
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    Grainger is a good place for pulleys and gears, better know the dimensions and # of teeth etc. or your just looking at enormous endless tables.
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    I would certainly hope that one would know enough about gear ratios before deciding to purchase their own gears or pulleys. If you don't inform yourself of what you need to know, you deserve to waste money. I can figure out gear ratios (not speeds, just ratios) with a regular calculator by dividing and multiplying. If I can figure it out, so can anybody else. Don't treat people like ignorance is a reason to hold their hand. Spoon feeding only breeds more ignorance. In fact, it encourages it.
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    Finally got the #14 gear tapped by a machinist for $10. tried to tap it myself using 2 different types of taps with very little success. fortunately the machinist was able to save the gear. extremely pleased with the end results. many thanks to grinninggremlin for the source. original GEBE gear on the left. Tapped #14 gear on the right.
    GEBE Gears 01.jpg
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    Remember K.I.S.S.? You fellers are thinking way to hard! I've built 3 happy Time kits. Scratch built 2 rear rack V belt drives and 2 front wheel drive V belt drive motorized bikes. V belt drive is with out a doubt the most trouble free way, chains are dirty, greasy and drag like hell.
    What you do for the giant pulley/sheave on driven wheel is take the rim/ hoop of a smaller doner bike and zip tie it using hoops spoke holes to the spokes of the bigger build bike wheel ie. (26" hoop / 700C wheel) (24" hoop / 26" wheel). The large hoop/pulley with a 1.5" pulley on motor shaft will give you about a 30 mph top speed.