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  1. I'd kinda like to do a cheapest build contest...KISS bike!
    1. Consumables like fuel oil and grease do not factor in build.
    2. Stuff like replacement bolts does count.
    3. Be honest there is no prize to win but accomplishment.
    4. Cost of bike does factor including tires or anything else you have to do to make it street worthy.
    5. I'm gonna post this on another site as I think it will generate good will.

    Here's my cheap build so far:

    $25 for a nice light Peugoet mointain bike at flea market (nice to give sources for your cheap build)

    $15.92 for brake parts and 2 spare master links from including the $2.90 for shipping

    $109.00 for 48cc kit from

    $15.00 for 2 cans of high temp black glossy engine paint and a can of clearcoat from Wal-Mart

    $6 for grinding tools from pawn shop and another $2 for a grindstone bit at the auto parts store as the rear sprocket was in need of opening wider to fit the bearing cage. (Axle?)

    Grand total: $172.94

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    I did a build for a friend, he bought a NEW bike. I charged him only parts and did mods such as all grade 5 bolts, boost bottle, clutch roller. He had less then $250.00 in it which $87.00 + tax was for the bike. Oh and gas from Mississippi to Alabama and back. I have less then $150.00 in mine. Second picture.

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  3. Both look like real nice installs very nice!
  4. Exador

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    Nice work Al. The Cranbrook is sweet! 2 questions - Would you choose the Cranbrook over the Delmar for a basic Walmart cruiser build and what kind of paint did you use for the gas tank? any clear coat? that's 3 ...... sorry :\
  5. AussieJester

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    I got an old electric scooter from kerbside about 8 mountain bikes in bits 12 old 12 v slas batteries and angle grinder and a roll of wedling wire...reckon i could do it for time only no dollars up front :p

  6. Al.Fisherman

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    ROFLMAO When I started my first project I joined this forum. Other then knowing there are cruisers, mountain bikes, road bikes and choppers, that's all I knew about types of bikes. Now as a child/young teen I had a bike and the only bikes we knew about back then was cruisers. I really haven't ridden a bike any amount of time in the last 48 years. Now today when you say I have a Cranbrook, I have a cruiser. Now you throw out "Delmar" an I'm thinking WTF. Now that means I need to know what a Delmar is and search China Mart site for one. Great, I find one and can't tell much difference as to which one is better, oh yea I see that the Delmar has a rack but the difference as to a decision beats the "F" out of me. I did know that somewhere along the line I wanted a cruiser. Now I'm thinking of a mountain bike with a jack shaft or a cruiser with a 5 speed cassette and a jack shaft. All I have to do is figure out mounting the dérailleur as my cruiser already has a cassette. Why you might I could pick a better gearing for starting then the original rear sprocket. OK That is the first and some. Second..China Mart has pretty much a spot on color paint for the tank as the Cranbrook frame. That one was easy. Last but least and by far the he didn't. I suggested it but as of yet it's just plain pigmented paint.
    Now tell me what difference is there between using a Cranbrook and a Delmar as to building a MB.

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    Glad I'm not the only one there Al.Fisherman. :grin5: I usually just dig through what I have laying around, and it works, or doesn't. At least that's ow they start.....then I read about this and that here, and gotta have one. :rolleyes7: Oh well, I'm having fun.
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  8. That's kinda part of the reason for me starting this thread it's real easy to dump money in these things with not much to show for it...before I knew it my first build had well over $400 invested in it. It is well worth the price I'm just sayin the bucks were best spent on the basic bike and kit. My goal on this second kit is to watch that stuff a little closer. I only need to add lights to run at night now.
  9. Al.Fisherman

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    Guys, don't get me wrong. I say that I have $150.00 or $250.00 in a bike, but don't forget I have thousands of dollars in both hand and power tools. I buy in quantity and split between 3 or 4 bikes. Such as I buy the Class 8.8 all thread, both 6mm and 8mm by the meter. Self locking nuts by the box of 100. So yes I might have actually so in so in a bike but the first one might of cost $400.00 with all the hardware bought. I had full intension's of building multiple bikes from the start.

    By the way, I don't buy quantity from places like Home Depot or Lowe's. I buy from supply houses. For an example a stick of 8mm all thread cost $3.00 and a box of 100 6mm self locking nuts are $7.00
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  10. motorpsycho

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    complete, almost new schwinn lowrider bike of craigslist....$40.00
    48 c.c. slant head engine kit....$114.00 off e-bay
    New white metallic bannana seat off e-bay....$12.00
    New white wall cheater slick rear tire off e-bay...$18.00
    New set of peddles from k-mart..........$8.99
    primer, paint and clear coat for the bike frame and gas tank.......$25.00
    spooky tooth expansion chamber.......$50.00 (not on it in the pic)
    High flow air filter.....$ 9.00 (not on it in the pic.)
    Headlight and tail light kit off e-bay.........$12.00
    tons of modifications and customizing done by me......$ free $
    owning and riding this thing, getting all kinds of crazy looks from people....priceless.

  11. Man psycho that is one cool lookin ride real tight fit I bet it does turn heads.

    George..You still didn;t answer my question and that is ...What is the difference between
    a China Mart Cranbrook and a China Mart Delmar bike?

    Man I don't know kinda new to bikes as an adult.
  12. motorpsycho

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    i have no idea on the difference between the 2 bikes...maybe just the name?
  13. Al.Fisherman

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    Very nice and for about 3 bills not bad considering the mods.
  14. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    What is the difference??????
  15. Exador

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    From the little I know (trying to find out more) Delmar is Schwinn and Cranbrook is Huffy - both from China. Delmar is $124 and Huffy is $84 at WM. Both are 26" tires with rear brake only and have crappy fenders you need to fix. Have been searching threads for side-by comp. but nothing so far. I'm looking for a basic cruiser for my next build and keep going back and forth....
  16. Esteban

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    Homebuilt friction drive would be the cheapest to build.
  17. Al.Fisherman

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    While in Viet Nam I saw literally thousands of friction front wheel drives. In fact that is what I was looking for when I ran across the 80cc engine. Would like a picture of what you are talking about. Not interested in anything that hangs off the side of the bike.
  18. Esteban

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    Look at my avatar pix to see an old one I use to have. Most of the friction drive types are rear wheel [ hanging to one side ] but you can still find some vintage types similar to the one in my pix driving the front wheel. They are by far the simplest to use/install/remove. Sears sold a type of these for years, & it was sold under several other names. There is a guy I know who sells, repairs them. Here is a link ;

    P.S. I was over in " Injun Country," too. 1969-70
  19. Cool pics did the troopers say the bike was legal or was that one even motorized couldn't tell.
  20. Al,

    I was going to purchase the Del Mar but instead, I got the Cranbrook Fashion Cruiser. The reason was because the Fashion cruiser has a black frame, the Del Mar has a grayish frame. Both bikes have very similar frames so I think there are other reasons to use when deciding. I was going with a black frame/handlebar theme and the Fashion cruiser already had them. The gray of the Del Mar would not match the black engine that I was planning on using. The Del Mar has a bike rack on the back, which would be nice to have at times. Also, the bike rack has a little tube where it connects to the bike frame. This could be used for other things like a mount for saddle bags (although I figured out how to do it with the fashion cruiser without this little bar). I liked the Fashion cruiser's handlebars a little better because they don't have such a large kink in them. I turned my handlebars "upside down" to give it a more vintage look. IF I were to do that with the Del Mar's, they would look wierd, or be too low to be useful. If you're going to use them right side up, it wouldn't matter. I think the fenders are a little better on the Del Mar, if you're going to keep them. I got different fenders so that didn't matter to me. The one thing I DIDN'T like about the fashion cruiser is that what isn't black, is green! Blach! I repainted the chain guard and ditched the grips and fenders. Now, it's red. Here's a picture of the bike before the engine install.

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