Cheapest ($$$) engine kits?


Standard Issue

I'm trying to determine what seller is the cheapest source
for buying several of these little engine kits.

My first engine I got off of fleabay, and paid $200 with shipping.

As far as ebay goes, it seems like $180 shipped is about the
lowest you go, as many people are selling them for just over
$100, but then charging out the whazzoo for shipping!

Any inputs?
The higher shipping costs are so the seller doesn't have to pay eBay as much.

Either become an importer, or bid with the lowest seller......
exactly what i saw, they charge so much on shipping because it only costs them about 10 to 20 dollars to package and ship and ebay costs for posting is can only total to about 5 dollars generally; so the rest is all profit to them so they trick the buyer into thinking theyre getting a good deal when theyre actually making 80 or 90 dollars profit on the engine. i know this because i have sold items on ebay in the past and my 80cc bike engine was brand new and only cost me $115.00 and $20.00 shipping. so i waited for the best deal and didnt get ripped off; yet im still waiting for the stupid chain that forgot to send!

haha, all i can do is laugh, atleast while im waiting for the chain i can customize my bike and engine so that it will have best performance for the hundreds of miles ahead! :D 8)

Yeah, that's always been the thing that's bugged me most about
'ol fleabay. Crooked sellers trying to fleece you for every dime
they can on shipping.

Some of these people act as if you or I have never set foot in a
post office, and therefore have no clue what a fair shipping rate
is. But I know, I's shipping AND HANDLING.

I can see a little extra for that, but not $60 extra, that's for sure!

I'd rather buy from a seller that charges a little more for the engine,
but doesn't try to rape you on the shipping charges.

That leaves a serious bad taste in a customers mouth, and is just
plain poor business.
shipping kits

I have shipped many kits over the years, all over the country. It usually cost me 35.00 if I ship USPS insured. Mike
like I've said before.....THATSDAX! 224.00 to your door here in the USA and you know what you are getting he's got my vote for the simple fact there's no BS in his sales 8)
I know it's irritating when sellers try to make a big profit on the S&H, but as long as they list the shipping costs up front, I don't have a big problem with it......because I know in advance what it's gonna end up costing me when the smoke clears. It still irks me a bit, but at least I know what the S&H is and will bid accordingly. What really ticks me off is the sellers who do not list a shipping cost in the auction and who also do not respond to questions regarding shipping costs. In many cases, I've bid on their items anyways on the assumption that they just were not around their computer in time to respond to my inquiry about shipping costs. Then, after I've purchased the item, they send me an invoice with S&H 3 or 4 times the actual cost. Hopefully with the new format of detailed seller feeedbacks, we'll be able to better know what type of seller we are dealing with.
I am hereby offering my suggestion to go with dacscommm (eBay seller name) or that'sdax (same guy) our resident dealer here on the forums.

Real shipping costs and good-great service after the sale.
Yeah, I know that'sdax has a fair price and good service.
I've bought several repair parts from him already. I know. :)

What I'm looking around for is the bar-none cheapest source
of kits that is consistently available *shipped* for >$200.

I've seen some around for ~$190 shipped, but never much
lower than that, and it's hit-or-miss.

What else have you all seen?
our resident dealer here on the forums.
this isn't accurate & does not represent "official" policy.

thatsdax is ONE of a few dealers that frequent MBc...MBc itself has no affiliation with any seller nor do we sell anything ourselves.