Cheapest kit available?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by pdxrhett, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member

    I need to know the cheapest 49cc kit available as well as the cheapest 80cc...

    Quality is not of utmost importance (basically I need them to start), and customer service/shipping IS of utmost importance. I don't want to be waiting forever for kits to get to my house. These are for a project of mine :D

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I'd go with one of the kits from the mbc vendors.

    You could likely find one listed on ebay a bit cheaper, but it's a **** shoot as far as trustworthiness goes.

    The difference in price between 50 and 80 cc seems to be about 10 to 20 bucks. Almost not enough to worry about.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    a ton on ebay -- but

    a ton of very low priced on ebay -- but -- bluegoatwoods makes a fine point

    have seen the kits mentioned as low as 90 dollars

    but -- wouldn't buying from a dealer (maybe here on site)

    where you could get good service be worth someTHING extra ??

    as we ride those THINGS
  4. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member

    of course it would be better, thats why i said customer service is important, but quality is not super important lol
  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    without some good quality -- customer service is to no avail

    would be like buying some cheap car that always breaks down
    but -- with good customer service
    I would love to drive that THING

    but -- it's always in the shop

    good thing is that it don't cost me a dime -- to walk

  6. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member

    the reason quality is not important is because i am testing the idea that a 2 stroke gas powered weedeater we dont take it easy on out of the box, but with these people say to do so. so i am going to run some tests :D
  7. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    What :devilish:
  8. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member

    alright. ill explain again, this time with decent grammar..

    When you buy a weedeater, do you break it in at all? I surely never have.
    But, these motors are the same principle - a weedeater, yet we are told to break them in. I am going to test the idea that breaking them in makes them run "better" and "longer".

    So, quality isn't important because I am going to be ordering multiple motors eventually and breaking some in and not breaking others in and see how they perform under rigorous tests.
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    weedwackers break in -- yes I do

    yes I do break in my weedwackers
    I don't run them full speed for a while -- vary between 1/3 to 2/3 throttle
    and let them have cool off periods

  10. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Okay, pdxrhett, I see where you're going with that.

    But I wonder if you stand to gain anything from it. Most bike owners treat their first gallon of gas as break-in and ride the bike "break-in style". It doesn't take long and this is during a time that the rider is getting familiar with the bike anyway. During this time the rider is establishing his/her riding style.

    If it were determined that break-in is not strictly necessary, wouldn't they still use just about the same time/mileage to get to know their bike and figure out their ongoing speed and style?

    I can understand your curiosity (and I approve), but I have the feeling that you'll spend 3, 4 or 5 hundred bucks to little purpose.
  11. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member

    Well, I don't have much else to be spending money on. My life is simple :D

    Plus, I am tired of people buying these bikes, riding them hard and breaking them and saying its my fault (I sell bikes) because I didn't break them in (which I charge to do and everyone opts out). So, I've already been threatened that I would be sued (lol) if I didn't replace parts, so just in case this is the testing.
  12. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    Although the kits vary from vendor to vendor for your purpose you don't really need the "kit" Why don't you look at the Motor Only options. That will save you some bucks. This won't work for the grubee that attaches the carb directly to the motor, but in general should work. You could even get away with just mounting the motor on a frame and running it gently or not.
  13. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member

    Like I said, money is not a huge issue as this is a business investment (and hopefully will pay off in court). I believe I have found a vendor thats local that sells kits at half the price of most vendors (plus he's local)
  14. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    "...and hopefully will pay off in court..."

    You'll have to let us in on that ome. As an MBer and lawyer...I am intrigued.
  15. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member

    Well, I sold a few bikes to people around where I live, and they didn't "break them in," but I did explain the other pros on these motors say to break them in, and I explained to them my point of view, but still told them to break it in just in case. Well, they engines seized up (due to lack of oil), and they say it is because I didn't break it in, and are threatening to sue because they got injured after the engine died. I already know I'm not liable, but this is just for the judge/jury to see.
  16. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    you are supposed to break in all internal combustion engines... on account of all the moving parts and metal to metal contact. This is especially true if you are going to increase the load and overall work the engine will do over its life ie... using a motor engineered to propell a small line of wire around in a circle to propell a 200 lb. man up a hill.

    Just my 2 cents.
  17. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    man u need a support vehicle to go to the convenient store on one of
  18. pdxrhett

    pdxrhett Member


    Anyways, I have never had any problems with not breaking in a motor. That's all I told them, and they still want to sue :((
  19. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    many people talk about sueing
    that don't even have a clue what's involved

    #1 -- most lawyers are going to want up front money to sue anybody
    unless it's a cut and dry case
    this does not sound to be cut and dry

    regarding break in periods
    has anyone ever bought a new car or a quality motor cycle
    that does not say in the booklet to break it in slow for so many miles
    I have always been told to break in new engines

  20. mtd91

    mtd91 New Member

    You buy a brand new 4 wheeler and dont break it in you will trash the motor within a week.Do atv dealers get sued? Nope...So I dont think anyone selling motor bikes is gunna get sued either. And as far as i am concerned once you sold the motor it aint your problem as long as you told the truth.