Cheaply Fix Bent Wheel In Depth

Haha I had my mountain bike front gear in the 1st gear instead of the 3rd. I agree with you guys now 22t seems best. I'll tell him to put that on.
Are you running coaster brake or freewheel? If coaster brake the more teeth in the rear the more pressure you need to apply to hit the brakes. Just so you know.
Edit: had a look back and see it is disc brakes. Leaving this lil tidbit here for folks with coaster brakes something to think about.
Is it possible to change out the front sprocket on the pedal side? I need a special rear cassette for my new mountain bike wheel and they seem to only go up to 18 tooth but I'd like a 22t.
So if I can put a smaller sprocket on the front, It'll lower the gear ratio.
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If you want to swap the chainring, need more info. A 44t front 22t rear has the same gearing as 36t front 18t rear. With cheaper mountain bikes, the chainring is riveted together and needs to be drilled out to swap. You can always upgrade the entire bottom bracket for ease of gear adjustment.
My new wheel has 6 bolt holes for a disk brake. The motor sprocket has the same bolt pattern. Could I directly bolt the sprocket there, will it be inline with the engine?

Also it has either 13 or 14 gauge spokes, but it has a double wall rim. Will this stay true for a long long time?
You can put the sprocket on and see if it lines up. Now if it does I wouldn’t use the short disc rotor screw. Match the size of them but get a little longer ones.

P.S. make sure to replace with Allen head not the Philip head rotor screws, plus locktite blue.