cheapy bolt-ons coming soon!(update#3)

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    just the usual build a walmart Schwinn($150) with a ht motor 80cc($140) just bought from this my 2nd motor from them and it runs great! still

    will update soon as some cheap parts come in and see just how much u get outta the cheap parts u see on ebay....

    my homie gunned it from his house with me tailing him in the car was going 25 and he was lil a head so pretty good far as i know...there was no wind and flat surface

    this is it for now not much will change its my 3rd build and has many miles on it well broken in but still fresh motor...see yall soon
    IMAG0299.jpg IMAG0300.jpg

    (update #1)
    already going full custom and got 1 hp gain....naw just a cheapy brake light on ebay ($7.95)... i wanted turn signals and brake lights mainly the horn is not to be underestimated

    sure sounds like a children gun toy at the dollar store.... well 8 different guns packed in 1 but kind of loud... also when u hit the turn signal it freakin beeps...LOUD

    i diss like the beeps so my quick fix was tape over the speaker still can hear it but i set it to the lowest sounding tone and its bearable for now...

    the wire is very short from front to back and cant reach my grips so not ideal the switch is slick to get in the middle spot without keeping it in a signal mode

    ...whatcha think guys? so simple and cheap

    (note i guess its suppose to attach to ur bike seat is why my wire is so short)

    20150507_194716.jpg 20150507_194651.jpg 20150507_195712.jpg

    (update #2)
    well some cheapy parts already came in nt carb and 32 toof sprocket...

    lucky i got to fire up the carb for a min on the stock sprocket before i ****ed up my chain shorting it 1 link to short for the new sprocket

    my input on the nt speed carb would be it feels the acceleration is same maby lil more pop but it feels like u got more top end to climb to..(before vibrations begin)

    not to mention how smooth it makes the motor run(a lot less vibrations)....i didn't get to take it up to full speed....

    i also had to take it apart and bend the fork things to hold the float down so it wouldn't flood gas everywhere i have this problem with the nt carb a lot o.0...

    was well worth ($14) cant say nothing for the smaller cog($14) yet see yea soon guys(more to come)....

    (update #.5)
    some hardware came in mounting bracket ($5) good price was on sale...
    (note the u bracket have rubbery tube on em already and replacement bolts for ht studs cause it wasn't stated or in pic upon purchase.. bonus)
    (P.S. the double u bolts have a slight problem as one is to big and goes under the motor and touches it so u have to cut one down to size just and fyi)

    petcock ($4) but it also stated just petcock only and came with lil gasket n pre filter(also why i need one was mine is a leaky beetch that had no gasket n bent to hell)

    also intake and exhaust bolts allen key ($4)
    (will get pick of bike soon as if it really matters such custom parts to show off so not much of a worthy update :p..more to come)


    (update #3)
    cheapy muffler($40)now like 58$ insane...was browsing the net i noticed plenty of pipes i saw this one and it was a sale at the time...

    and was kind of more of what i wanted in a pipe not looking for loud crazy or insane performance just something different hope it fits :p

    (fits good just need to hang the back make some cola can gaskets bolt it up) waiting on mr. postman to bring me more goodies peace!

    i tried to put on super cdi and an ngk 6 plug but wouldn't start used stock cdi with plug still a no go so i dunno

    20150511_121204.jpg 20150511_121234.jpg

    20150511_200230.jpg 20150511_200255.jpg
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    Nice build and you say more to come! Good for you! Keep up the good work.
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    thank you! its nothing special just pipe sprocket speed carb stuff like that will update in like 2 weeks when they come in
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    It's a nice looking bike.

    I've also just kinda wanted turn signals. I think from time to time about building my own. Still, maybe I ought to get one of those cheap-o things.

    Most of the time I'm not in traffic that's bad enough to make them necessary. But there's just a few places where I'd really like to let them cars know what I plan to do.

    I'd use hand signals. But hardly anyone knows what the 'right turn' signal via the left hand actually means. They think you're waving at them. Besides, it's useless after dark.
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    hand signals bro your just confusing them let alone them understanding a blinker purpose... but yea i had same thought i wanted to build my own but i saw this was like eff yea they work nicely far as brake light there bright enough and signal (not the front one) but it works for now and was easy way out i paid $7.95 free n fast shipping ...and like i said the horn
    loud! but childish.... and the wire is short for the switch to make it to the grips of handle bars let alone enough length to make it there without tucking it away neatly and the light be off center of bike but they are dull...
    another note sry to keep going the bracket mount is plastic and im sure will vibrate broken were my mount is but i like it so just keep in mind ill post a vid theres already some on youtube tho