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  1. cromartie

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    Just mounted these puppies tonight. Rest of the hardware (switch, brake lever with switch, etc) are coming tomorrow. Can't wait to see how bright they are..

    Each one is 25 watt halogen. The lights came with a 55 watt bulb but I downgraded to 25 watts because I wanted two lights on the bike.


  2. motorpsycho

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    it looks like wal-e!
    too much "contraption" going on there for me.
  3. Daniel_62

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    How do you you power these?
    I can see maybe 1 light 2 is. Overkill

  4. nice setup if you can power them good
  5. BAM

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    The DNR might think your shining deer becarefull do you ride that much at nite?
  6. ddesens

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    you will need a decent size battery to power those.
  7. cromartie

    cromartie New Member

    Powering them with a 12 volt 12 AH battery. 50 watts of power draws 4.17 amps. I will get 2.87 hours runtime with my battery. I only commute an hour in the dark (morning). Drive home is light. Should have plenty of buffer!

    Tomorrow I'm mounting the switch for the brake light, dialing everything in and project will be done. Turned them on tonight and they are bright! :)
  8. Chalo

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    You'll eat your battery in a hurry (if it's a lead acid battery) with routine depth of discharge much over 50%.

    You can get thousands of charge/discharge cycles from a lead acid battery if you limit discharge to 10%. You'll get a couple of hundred cycles, maybe, if you limit discharge to 50%. But suck 12AH out of your 12AH battery (which is 100%) and you'll be lucky to get more than three recharges before it gives up.

    Incandescent lighting is really a backwards approach for a bike anymore. You can get more light of a better color with less than 10W of high flux LED. Halogen bulbs make about 15 lumens per watt-- a little more for high power bulbs, and a little less for low power ones. So you'll be doing well to get 750 lumens from 2x25W halogen lamps.

    For contrast, have a look at this high flux LED bike light. The battery pack has a rating of under 32 watt-hours, and the claimed runtime is three hours at full blast. So it's making 900 lumens from around 10W, and as a result it gets to be small and convenient to mount, with a small battery pack.

    LED is really the only lighting technology that makes sense for bicycles anymore.

  9. 2strokepoke

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    i bought the same set of lights. i'm only using one and ive got it mounted pretty sturdy. i havent figured out how im going to power it or if im going to try to put LEDs inside the body. im looking for the most cost effective way to do this, any suggestions?
  10. Chalo

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  11. 2strokepoke

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    yeah i did but thats not what i'm going for. i'm thinking of buying a $4 dollar flashlight with 9 leds and gutting it, soldering and epoxying it to my headlight body. then using the existing metal case for the 3 AAA batteries and putting that under my seat. i'll show pics if i actually accomplish this.
  12. donutguy

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    In the long run.....this light is cheaper.

    I can tell you from experience with this light-it is all the light you need-it is so bright drivers will flash their lights if it isn't aimed correctly.

    In addition, you can mount this light to your helmet- I prefer helmet mount because you can hit drivers at opposing cross streets with the light so they don't pull out in front of you. They have no idea what is shining bright light into their face, but they usually don't pull out in front of me.

    I run one of these on my bars.....

    I set it to flash, it has a very bright and irregular flash that completely gets drivers attention.
  13. 2strokepoke

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    well i finished my light a few days ago and it works pretty good. gonna make one for my friends bike soon.
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  14. adrian101

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    way off subject but your front tread on the wheel is facing the wrong direction. Makes you lose some speed.. Nice lighting set up thou.