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New Member
Nov 10, 2017
Pablo --

You have some very nice products on your site, and your service has been excellent. Well done!
I have a few questions:

1) You no longer list the 650 - 1680 W electric kit. Has it been discontinued?

2) Does the new "3 speed/Cruise control"


work with either Cyclone controller?

3) How does the "3 speed/Cruise control" work? Is this a 3-position switch that just sets the motor to "cruise" at a fixed, unadjustable speed? The picture is a bit confusing because it looks like it has a switch for lights and horn.

Thanks again for your very good products!

-- The Phantom


Well-Known Member
Nov 9, 2007
1) Yes. As a regular product. We have a few 1680W motors left, and cobble together one or three if a customer really wants one.
2) Yes
3) Yes hold throttle at a fixed speed. The 3-position switch is for 80% , 100%, 120% speed, you can only set the 120% with load, the 80% and 100% can set with no load.
The horn is cruise control (yeah I know), when you turn the throttle and you press the horn the motor RPM will fix at that point, when you press again it will cancel the cruise control.
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