Check out the "Legislation Listing" sticky up top!!

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  1. sparky

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    Check it out, or click here!

    Loquin did an amazing job.

    :idea: Perhaps we could start making political moves now by contacting the representatives from the "bad" states one at a time thru multiple means of communication and convincing them to help us and our country out at the same time. What do you guys think? :bigear:

    I'd gladly offer up MS and AL as the first two states to contact. :mad5:

    :smash7: This meeting is adjourned. :smash7:

    And oh yea.. Happy Holidays!!

  2. uncle_punk13

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    Excellent job there!!!
  3. Mountainman

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    edited -- pay better attention Mountainman

    thank you very much -- goes out to Loquin

    a big thank you for all of your time spent putting this together
    should save many a lot of time -- MB laws are a big issue as we know
    we also know that it wasn't an easy task

    wishing you many safe miles as you -- ride that motor bike THING
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  4. sparky

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    Umm... that wasn't my work. Loquin's the one that did all of that, marking down the specific laws/statutes for each state. That wasn't my intention in my list of MB-friendly states... but it sure is helpful for everybody.

    I just wish I woulda known he'd completed that sooner. Dunno if it gets too much attention at the top of the page!!