Check out these new folding

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by seanhan, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Actually a nice looking bike and roughly ~16 pounds or so total weight!

    The price of $2,600 is going to make it unreachable for most of us, which is a shame!
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    Yea i won't be getting one !!!! But it's the only folding bike I have seen that doesen't look stupid ... would be awesome to power it up and keep in your trunk so you could wip it out when you need it.. Like downtown on the weekends..
    or bring it on vaction .. etc... better save up my pennies ...
  4. thanks for the post, can i ask any idea for where they could be sourced?

    there are alot of inavotive bike designed in asia that never make it to the "west"
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    I have no idea where to get these

    Except by going to korea and bringing one back...
    Iam not going back there again ( I think I might be Banned ) ....
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    It's a looker but the price will chase away all but the most fortunate.