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    So after all this *&^%$# whats the go???
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    what a **** its the last post 40kmh yeah right uphill

    The point is that these petrol-powered bikes well exceed the performance of a pedal bicycle under a fit and healthy adult male. As such, the consequences of their misuse become much greater. I have no problem with them, per se, but they need ot be properly classified and treated under the law ie, as motorcycles because that is what they have become.

    The electric assist bike that Joeblake describes is perfect as a power-assist bike. I have no problem with it, and it's a good fit for the scenario you set out lycra_hero.

    On the other hand, the 2-stroke-powered POS that I see blast past uphill at 40km/hr along Allambie Road at 7:50 each morning is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be banned or forced to comply with registration and licensing requirements. The guy looks scruffy and dirty and has a drinkers complexion, so I'm guessing he's resorted to this thing because he's lost his licence for DUI.
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    obviously this is his mentality & good luck to him.
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    I dare say 99% would say it's a hobby or passion NOT a drink drive or whatever scapegoat.??
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    I'm confused. You are posting replies intended for another forum on this one?
    This thread is completely bizarre.
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    other forum being what
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    not a true fact !!

    not a true fact !!
    mine is a for real motorized bicycle
    everyTHING about it is legal
    I have owned many many motor cycles over many years
    this thing is not a motor cycle !!

    where did you come from anyway ??
    if you don't want to be here ??
    that's ok up top the mountain...

  9. Mountainman

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    don't play silly ???

    don't play silly ???

    other forum being where you pulled the information posted from ??

    more coffee sometims works !!

    take a long ride on that thing
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    why dont u get the **** out of here.I dont think im the only one who cant stand you.Why dont you go some where else with your constricting laws.

    ps..i have a drivers license and im scruffy most of the time.:ban::69:
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    eastwoodo4 -- we will jump him next time

    next time he shows his face
    we will jump him
    not always a fair THING to do
    but -- who will see up here in the mountains ??

    I am not scruffy today
    my wife made me shave right before Church
    took care of that look for another week !!

    it's a good THING to be able to ride that THING !!
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    :bobby::bobby::bobby::bobby::bobby: :policeman: :policeman: :policeman: :policeman: :policeman: :policeman::deal::deal::dunce:look here comes geoffmaree and his friends looking for a motorcycle license proof of insurance registration and proof the motor only runs when u pedal.
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    maybe he's working for the other side ??
    a spy ??
    trying to do away with this great MB THING !!
    which could save our country !!
    yes -- it may be much deeper than we think !!!!
    don't tell anyone -- please !!!!!
    (_ _) not signed -- you know why...
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    This was a statement copy & pasted from someone elses opinion NOT MINE.
    I thinks youse took it the wrong way.
    My thoughts of it were who is this idiot.
    Its definitely NOT my opinion to MBCs.
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    Then they just got off on the wrong track is all geoffmaree. No harm but it wasn't exactly clear the point you were trying to get across. Sometimes it's best just to try and spell things out.
    Is that an aussie cycling forum?
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    Then Lets All Go Register And Hound The **** Out Of Them Like Real Outlaw Motored Bikers Would.:punk::death::gun_bandana::evil3::skull: :smoking: :veryangry2:
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    Yes its australian i assume new south wales owing to being rta.
  18. Mountainman

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    please forgive me then

    please forgive me then
    no harm done on this end

    glad that you are with us
    read you wrong
    we are always ready to jump anyone who
    would wish to either stop or make riding MB's harder to ride

    two days probation for you geoffmaree
    for shacking up the troops !!

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    Sorry, I just came across this thread. I have to say I agree with the majority here. Motorized bicycles are just that. A bicycle that is assisted by a motor, be it gas or electric. It is in noway a motorcycle and that is what makes it hard to register or license. There is also the problem of insurance. Before you speak out its best to be informed and educated about the subject. Now remove your foot from your mouth and read up. Maybe even try riding one.