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    Some people may wonder why I have the view that I do about Law enforcement on this forum...

    Here is one of the Western NY's Hero's promoting violent criminal activity by actually engaging in it.

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to get the evidence needed to convict a Cop?

    Think she's ever done anything like this before?

    Cop's should get the maximum and we would see the s h i t stop!

    Worst part is, she gets her pension and I get to pay for part of it! Am I still wrong?

    Here's proof and all I'll say is too bad they didn't pile charges on her the way they did others in this case.

    The Fed's are trying to make case to eliminate colors, you'll be seeing the full story on the History channel, I'm sure! Careful where you where that Motored Bikes . com sticker!!!LOL :jester:

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    Sorry for the typo Careful where you WEAR that Motored Bikes . com sticker!!!LOL

    Not everybody is perfect, I guess....

    It's only 1% RIGHT?