Checkin' En(gine)

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  1. classictrack

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    Hi Friends~

    Checking in for the first time.

    My search for a bike - more specially info on bikes in general has brought me here. I'm a newbie as far as motored bikes, but less of one when it comes to tractors...

    (a pictorial of my restored Ford 2N)...

    My interest in old machines - tractors, Sopwith aircraft and now board track bikes - means I have a pile of questions...hoping you can all steer me in the right direction!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. classictrack

    classictrack New Member

    Checking in

    Hi Friends!~

    I'm a newbie to the MB world, but it is my fascination with old machines that brought me here.

    I am at the beginning of the process of reconciling the bike I envision with the knowledge of this forum. I have many questions - hope you'll be patient enough to answer...

    Thanks in advance!


    My #1 old machine - my restored Ford 2N tractor.