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  1. 55 years old,have alot of time on my hands,The adds sounded like a pretty cool build,never did this before,the cost of the build keeps going up.I do it right or don't do it at all,that's the kind of man i em.have three builds going on right now,1978-111-John deere,lawn tractor restore,1975- 350-pick up restore,working on that for -8-years- 3/4-done,parts are so expensive-all high performance.did a/c last spring,complete,cost of parts-1.000,with my own labor.Parts going up higher every day,I will never get what it is worth.-from driving-350-to a two stroke,truck only gets 12 miles to a gallon.Hope-2 -stroke slant gets -100-miles to a gallon,using to go back and forth from store. I bought a pk-80 cc.slant black-from power king-customer service Zoombicycles.they ripped me off.Will get into details in vendor review section. HI, to all.I will need all the help I can get,trying not to lose- 135.00-I payed to power king.

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    I came here from, great bunch of down home guys - got enough tractors (don't have a green one though).
    Now I, need to convert a few bikes to power. This is another slippery slope. You can't have just one.
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    Ohh man I hear you... I have a 2005 civic si that in total has more than the cost of a brand new 5 series BMW invested in it... and a 91 crx with more than I want to admit invested in it too. I cant imagine how many more thousands the labor would have cost if I hadnt done all the work myself.

    I know I will never see that money again but the memories I have building and racing those two cars is soooo worth every penny. Thats one reason why I like these bikes so much. The parts are cheap... I find that I spend hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.

    If you need any help or advice on the motoredbike feel free to PM me. I will be sure and help best I can.
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    Hay dude,what does -PM-mean,when I was young I played sports,not just sit in front of tv, have had computer 2/years,learned how to use it on my own.Not putting anyone down- Later dude.
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    Since I wasn't a computer geek growing up I will try not to take offense to that...

    PM = private message.

    Move your mouse cursor over the bold letters of someones screen name and click it, a menu will pop up with the second option saying send a private message... or something like that. Click it and you can send a private e-mail style message to the person.