Chian Poppin?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Dice1, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Dice1

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    Well this is my first build. It runs fine but on certain times the chain pops off the sprocket in the motor. it looks lined up but yet I can hear the chain sounding funny. any advise to fix the problem.

  2. professor

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    My chain had similar issues until I made the idler spring loaded. Never came off after that.
  3. retromike3

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    something to check

    You might check the drive cog and see if the teeth are clean. I had to clean mine up with a dremel tool so that they engaged evenly. Before I cleaned them up they were bouncing around a bit. I finally ditched the cog that came with the kit I bought and got a new cog from Kings that bolts to a six bolt disk brake hub.

    It seemed to take him forever to ship it but maybe I was just inpatient. I had to build a while new rear wheel that wound up costing me as much as the kit but it was worth every penny. Its smooth and fast and looks good I.M.H.O.


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  4. Lazieboy

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    Dremmil tool

    Ya I sanded or grounded down and rounded out my teeth on sprocket and drive gear. My tensioner used to always move in toward my spokes, and has broken some. coming from top works best 4 me.
    You need a Dremmil tool its very functional for little mods.
  5. olow

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    try a new rim as u have spokes broken wobble wobble lol
  6. Dice1

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    So far i adjusted the rear sprocket by a hair and moved the tensioner just a bit for a tight fitment. Gonna test ride it more later. But for now it seems to be holding well. Thanks for the tips.