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  1. is there anyone around Chicago area? Mainly DeKalb il. looking for people to hang out with and ride together and maybe share some knowlage. im tired of being the only one in this town with no one to ride with and help out each other with the build

  2. johnsteve

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    yea sure, but is it not a bit cold now. Better to have posted in the spring when the weather is warmer. However, I am always up for exchanging ideas on building and riding techniques.

    I am thinking about a second build and could really use the imput.

    Pm me if your in the mood. From the ville of warren (warrenville).
  3. yea its a bit cold out gut you 'll still catch me out there.
  4. bakaneko

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    Dangit, If I am not in Wisconsin, I would join you guys. I also ride in the winter though it is getting a bit cold. I am well insulated but my hands are still cold.