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    I have never done this, but i would strongly advise NOT doing it.
    Exhaust fumes and oil spitting from the exhaust would be a problem.
    but more importantly would be your childs safety.
    These things like to throw the chain if the alignment isn't 100% right, stopping these things can be tricky if you have questionable brakes (add the weight of the trailer and child into the equation).
    there are a lot of things that can and will go wrong with one of these that makes it too risky to hook up a trailer with a 2 year old in it, especially for a first time builder /rider of a motorized bike.
    I wouldn't do it, and i have built a few of these bikes that have never had any problems.
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    NO, NO, NO,NO. NOT a good idea at ALL. And in most states is most likely against the law. Have ya ever seen a trailer jacknife. So a trailer is OUT.
    Then what? ya gonna STRAP the kid to the bike, or just try to hang on to him at 30mph. I really can't belive you even asked the question to begin with. If a child welfare agency saw you doing this I would be suprised if they let you keep your kid. How old are you? I hope your kid turns out smarter, if he lives long enough to grow up. I think Motorpsycho was too easy on you. From what I've seen from him he's a pretty good guy. Perhaps I'm not quite as nice.
    Sorry BRO, I just can't see ANYONE taking a chance like that with a baby.And I'm not even very sorry about saying all of this.
    SO, My short answer is NO,NO,NO,NO.
    Big Red.
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    My recomendation is grow up some before you buy one. Yer gonna get someone killed.
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    azbill has been pulling a kids trailer for years taking his two girls
    to school and everywhere else they need to go.

    First he had a two stroke bike but now he is running a 4 stroke
    EZ motorbike and has a home built chariot.

    azbill is in Arizona which has a 20 mph speed limit for motorized
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    This pic is a few years back.I'd ride back there!and it's a Whizzer!!! Where's my buddy"s seat.

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    Baby's on 2 wheels?

    First, Azbill is an expreienced rider with years of riding time behind him. Lau is a Newbie that has NO IDEA what a MB is all about, what it can or can't do, or how it handles in an emergency situation. He needs A LOT of riding time before he puts a baby in danger. But even then, I still don't think it's a good idea to strap 2 year old to a MB, motorcycle, trailer, or anything else that will do 30mph and don't have approved saftey seats, with seat belts used properly to attached them, and, if possible, air bags for "just in case". A 2 year old has not yet learned how to "tuck and roll" if something were to go wrong on a bike.
    A regular peddal bike is fine for all of this. a two year old would still get a big thrill out of going 6 or 8mph and a lot less danger of a kid getting killed.
    Yeah, I know. I had a BB gun when I was 5, No one ever heard of a seat belt, and the speed limit was 70mph and hey, I'm still alive. Well, the ones that died aren't here to talk about it, are they? We did a lot of things when we were kids that should have killed us, but didn't. The 50's and 60's are over and there's a good reason for the child saftey laws that we have today. too many inexperienced people would strap a two year old to a rocket.
    Big Red.
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    Here's a pic of a Whizzer with a sidecar.Got the Whizzer but not the sidecar.It sold for the same price of the Whizzer.

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    ok, so its a bad idea. i get it.

    no need to be rude, although i think you were just trying to be very convincing that its a bad idea.

    still planning on installing the motor soon, but now, i wont be considering taking my son for a ride.

    The main purpose is to take me to the BART station, which is about 2 miles away through hilly terrain, and to spend time getting fresh air on the weekend.
  11. I don't like the trailer idea, as exhaust fumes are a problem and I'm certain the law would see it as a problem. I don't have a problem with the child seat well attached behind the seat(except on a rack mount, of course :)). Just make sure the exhaust pipe carries past the rear of the rear wheel.
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    in most states it is illegal to have people ride in a trailer being towed my anything with an ICE due to safety reasons. The only exceptions i know to that rule are haywagon rides or similar that are ran under 10mph
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    Side car has promise IMHO. But I may just be crazy. . .
    But a 2 yr old is simply too young to ride alongside, behind, or anywhere else, as far as I'm concerned.
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    people have been killed in crashes @35mph pedal bike trailer are not rated to haul children at that speed and do it safely
    no way in **** would i do it with my kid
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    Thanks for understanding bro. Yer right, I was just trying to get my piont across before ya stuck a baby to yer bike. I've got nothing against older kids on bikes. My son was eight when I got him his first dirt bike. I took him out to a large field where the local kids had turned it into a dirt track. I couldnt have him going through life without knowing how to ride. (Helmet,pads and boots.)
    Big Red.