ChimJersys' Joining with 1000 mile odometer aniversity on mbike


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May 9, 2008
Hey. I'm new to this cool site. I'm a teenager from New Jersey with the hobby of riding and tuning up my motorbike... "Doctor Doom". Just yesterday I looked on my odometer and realized after ridin my bike for a year and a half I now have 1000 miles on it. It rides nice and smooth still, and was excited about that. I've road it to phily, in my high school and it's track, everywhere. It is my coolest toy. When i realized that a cite like this existed I was siked and joined. I look forward on being part of it. I'm happy with a thumbs up.

I ride a 70cc engine on a Raleigh Mountain Bike
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its not a toy & stay off the high school track! welcome & please be a good ambasador for motoredbikes! follow all laws & be safety minded, please!