China about to have world's fastest computer.

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    This thing can do in 1 second what a pc would take 10 hours to do truly amazing!

    A System-On-Chip (SOC) integrated circuit incorporates all the electronic components, including analog and interface circuitry, required to implement a system on a single chip. The first SOC solution evolved from the $2,100 Hamilton Pulsar "Wrist Computer" digital watch unveiled on the Johnny Carson Show in 1970.
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    1.5 billion chinese using calculators.
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    Imagine the weapons projects that can be dreamed up by the Chinese military with an array of these super computers.

    American better start spending a whole lot more money on military research if it wants to stay ahead of the pack.

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    Bicycling without a doubt helps fight depression.

    Being fat and sitting in traffic in a car driving to the China factory to work and running out of cigs must be very depressing !

    Will China's form of govt survive with fat, lazy, depressed workers ?

    The love of oil burning is taking them down too.
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    They just formed a company called comac
    To build a single isle 100 passenger airliner. In a few years..