China Gas Offering 4-Stroke With Generator

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Mike St, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Mike St

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    I just noticed China Gas Gas offering an HS 142F-1 4 stroke equipped with a 7 amp generator. Does anyone know anything about this? Anyone have one or tested it or know who stocks it in the US?

  2. GearNut

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    Grubee shows it on thier web page.
    Click on Total Products, then 4 Cycle Engine Kits, then 4 GT Belt drive.
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  3. azbill

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    I wonder why they don't supply a rectifier/regulator (the page says end user must get it)
  4. fetor56

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  5. jimraysr

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    Rectifier Regulator

    I did some searching, but didn't find anything ready made for the output of this generator. (Doesn't mean there isn't any , just didn't find one.) It is only two phase and would require a full wave bridge rectifier to turn the AC into DC. Then as it is a permanent magnet generator its output will always be higher than a 14.4 volt charging voltage. That will require a regulator to shunt (short) the excess current to ground and a heatsink to dissipate the heat generated. So they haven't really given the user much to work with. It really should have these items built in. If the engines get any wider, we are going to have to turn them around and use a drive shaft. )

  6. arceeguy

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    We have to remember that these engines were designed as utility engines, not for bicycles. The lighting/alternator coils on utiity engines were meant to directly run lighting without rectification or regulation. The brightness will vary somewhat with engine speed. But remember, for their intended application, the engine usually runs at a fixed speed. Since the alternator coils are energized by the flywheel, it makes sense that the engine had to grow a little to accomodate the new hardware.

    It wouldn't be hard to use a regulator/rectifier from a pocket bike or small imported ATV. They can be had cheaply on eBay.
  7. Mike St

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    Are you sure that this is a pm dc generator? If so, the current supplied could be very difficult to hold down with a rectifier, due to the fact that the engine runs at such a wide rpm range. 14 volts could easily increase to 60 volts. The heat sink I feel couldn't handle the excess voltage.
  8. jimraysr

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    Pm Generator & Voltage Regulation

    Yes, I feel it is a PM as the ignition coil power coil is located there as well and the field effect ignition sensor as well.

    The rectifier does nothing to hold down the voltage, it justs turns the AC into pulsing DC.

    Of note is they moved everything from the flywheel end as a stop gap solution. Motor cycles and Honda (probably others as well) utility engines provided for a charging or lighting coil under the flywheel along with the ignition coil. Most Honda engines that don't have the lighting / charging coil still have the space for it.

    My pressure washer 11 HP Honda has a charging coil for its battery. Don't remember the amp output, but that would be a source for a rectifier regulator as well.

    The extra width was unnecessary if the job had been done properly IMHO.

    BTW, Cycles that used mag power for lighting (flickering at idle) needed the load of both the head and tail light as a load. When one would fail do to vibration or old age, the other generallly failed soon from over voltage.


  9. Mike St

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    Apparently, there is a confusion here, the generator is an ac generator not a dc generator, my mistake.
  10. jimraysr

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    Dc Generator?

    My error in not picking up on DC in your post.

    There really aren't any DC generators to my knowledge. There are generators with DC output, but they convert the AC to DC internally with a comunicator or a rectifier pack as is the case of an automotive alternator which could also be called a generator. I think they went to alternator to mark the difference from the old generators used for many years in cars?

    Just to add to the confusion, the alternator would be like having three generators in one case. It is three phase and turns out a sine wave every 120 degrees of rotation. Thus when added together one is at peak power three times in a rotation. That makes it closer to a pure DC output. DC is continuous, but AC is only there part of the time and isn't pushing part of the time.

    Jim, Who has been playing with batteries, bells and lights for 65 years. )

  11. azbill

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    I realize all that, have already found the part they refer to (checking for availability):detective:
    my point was...if using the gen as a selling/usefull part of the kit, why not include the regulator/rectifier ???
    I am not seeing the logic ??? (or just to blind to see it)

    LOL,,, a one-eyed man making blind jokes :):):)
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  12. fetor56

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    That's why i called them "incomplete" on another thread.
  13. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    You missed this part of my quote:

    "The lighting/alternator coils on utility engines were meant to directly run lighting without rectification or regulation"

    Rectification or regulation is not necessary.

    Kind of like how the white wire works on a Happy Time engine.
  14. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    arcee, I did miss that part:(
    so without, it will work, but the lights will dim at idle?
    sounds to be as usefull/frustrating as the white wire !!!
  15. jimraysr

    jimraysr Member

    Straw Man

    The manufacture raised the need for additional parts, none of us.

    I would assume having suggested a rectifier and regulator might indicate that they felt the raw output would not be usable in a majority of applications?

    Running a engine from say 1000 RPM to 8000 is bound to create a major difference in the voltage and it really would seem that some control would be prudent.

    I will make the point again. This is a tacky add on that makes the engine more or less unusable for use in a frame. While I agree this is basically a utility / general use engine, the exporter and importer are suggesting it is suitable for use on a MB.

    After you buy one and the belt drive box with its major overbite output sprocket, who is going to hold your hand when you find it is more like setting atop a horse rather than a bicycle. Then you notice you can't even see the peddles under the engine.

    Just my take. everyone is entitled to their own. 8O) =

    Jim, with nothing better to do that nit pick MB components.
  16. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I am not knocking the engine (I LOVE mine:))
    just a marketing trick that sounds not very usefull as it was described
  17. moondog

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    Velosolex drive

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  18. moondog

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    I would think that using it to charge a battery and running the lighting system off a battery would be the way to go. That way the lights don't go dim at low rpms or out if the engine stalls.

    Using a regulator to keep a battery charged should not be a problem. I don't get why it is not included.

    Surely who ever starts to sell those things will include a regulator in the kit.

    Good to see someone thinking about lights for us.

    Our things need lights ! :idea:
  19. jared8783

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    we definetly need some lights

    i cant wait til something comes out for the honda
    or until i figure something out

    anybody know where i can get a cheap 12v 100w gen to experiment with?
  20. jimraysr

    jimraysr Member

    100 Watt Generator

    I would look for a PM brush motor that pulls around 8 - 10 amps. that should function to give you what you want.