china girl in hot weather?

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    Hi All:

    I live about 100 miles north of Phoenix AZ at 1600 feet. And while it never gets nearly as hot up here in the mountains, it will get hotter as summer approaches. I have heard there are lots of china girls on the loose in Phoenix and suppose in many other real hot places.

    For those of you in such areas, how do these little engines hold up in the heat? Do you take any precautions with warming temperatures? Run it richer than it needs be be just be safe? Water injection on demand!?!?!?

    This is the mountains here where I am and on my weekend rides down to the lake, and man is that little bike is FUN, and so on there are quite a few hills to climb. It makes it OK but as temperatures get higher so will the strain on the engine.

    I suppose Spookey Tooth of Tucson would have something to share but I've had a hard time getting ahold of them.

    Any thoughts and experiences welcome.


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    I'm in FH (s/e of scottsdale)and never have any probs
    I do approx 4k m/yr all over town :)

    btw are you near flag?
    when i get something reliable enough, I would like to attempt a ride from here to sedona :)
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    sometimes while ridden in extrem heat
    one may feel an engine slow down just a little
    a sign that she may be getting too hot
    ride easy at this point -- giving her a chance to catch up -- cool down a little

    yes -- good thinking -- would not want to run that baby too lean in the heat
    a little extra oil does not hurt a THING

    ride that thing
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    I forgot to mention...
    I did see 1 engine get so hot it turned the jug n head 'bronze' !!!
    azvinnie (my son-in-law) did it at last years deathrace
    (sustained 35 mph with stretches up to 38)
    still couldn't keep up to happy (spunout)!!!
  5. Skyliner70cc

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    I've ridden in the New Mexico desert in the summer with temps well over 100 deg F. I never had a problem but I did use an oil that contained at least 20% castor.

    Castor has proven ability to withstand temperatures 200 deg F higher than the best 2 stroke oil synthetics and when it doesn't eventually flash at high temperatures, it forms a dry lubricant film that is equal if not superior in protection then its liquid form.

    I just pulled the head of an engine that has been run on nothing but pure castor from Klotz. No carbon, no fouling. It was very clean after 2.5 gallons of fuel through it.

    Maxima 927 has 80% synthetic/20% castor already premixed in a convenient bottle and is one of the best 2 stroke racing oils out there. Use if it you are truly concerned about overheating.

    BTW, in 2006, I rode up a steep mountain in the middle of summer for a very long ride. My exhaust turned cherry red, my head turned a funky bronze color, and my engine never seized and I rode that bike for another 2 years before I traded it in for a junker Jeep.