china girled 40's western flyer

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  1. perichbrothers

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    Well had so much fun putting the shelby together,
    decided to start another one.

    Had found a whizzer project,
    and sold the engine, kept the bike.
    A 40's western flyer...
    There were way too many pieces missing to make it anywhere near running.

    So doing this one the opposite way,
    making the tank first, and **** no more fiberglass, i like instant results!

    So last night made some bucks...
    Gonna be a big tank, but want some capacity.


  2. perichbrothers

    perichbrothers New Member

    After work whipped one side out of some rusty scrap



    an hour and a half later...


    It's gonna be welded/brazed to the frame.


    Hard to see but there's an indentation in the centerline.

    Now just have to match the other side!

  3. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    dude, those are some serious skills . . .
  4. Sweet! I couldn't help but notice your rod project in the background. Is that an A-banger? I've got a 27 Model T with a Desoto Hemi in it and a 32 chevy 2-door sedan.

    I'm always amazed how the same hobbies keep surfacing within each other.

    Bike looks great by the way!
  5. I love it!! Keep posting more progress pics!
  6. Nuttsy

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    Seeing the wood templates made me think of adding a nice-grained wood insert with thick poly for the sides of the tank. Just a thought--I'm a woodworker :whistling:
    Could be a "Woody" theme.
  7. perichbrothers

    perichbrothers New Member

    Thanks guys for the interest!
    Got it all welded up.
    Definitely tougher making the other half match!
    Still need to do the cap and outlet, and leak check.
    Did the beginning of the motormount but didn't take pics yet.
    Hopefully can get the majority of it done over the weekend.

  8. perichbrothers

    perichbrothers New Member

    That's a friends 23 T, has a big flathead 6 in it.
    The other is the rearend to a 29 RPU with a ford flathead.
    Sounds like you have some good toys too!
  9. Sweet work, could you do some close ups of the welds on the tank and some more detail on how to do? I hate the stock china tanks and have a couple of 40s clevelands and a 30s shelby id like to learn to do a tank for. Do you have to use a sealer of anytype to keep it from rusting inside later? Thanks really enjoyed the other build you did also. Keep em coming,very inspiring. Insomniacshotrods . Kinda toying with this tank on this one but not sure yet.Like so many of my projects i start i burn out and start another one,or change direction 100 times and end up spending a fortune on parts. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  10. perichbrothers

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    so got a little frisky with the paint.
    Of course didn't weld the cap or the outlet on first, or even bondo it...
    have enough extra rattlecan to touch it up.
    Did the motormount the same as the earlier bike.
    Amazing how much quicker things are the second time!
  11. Hi TP. Yup, I've got a 32 chevy, 2-door sedan (all steel) and a 27 T roadster pick up with a 56 Desoto Hemi in it. Been working on them for too long. It always amazes me how the same hobbies keep intersecting with each other.

    As for the bike, that is some great tank building skills there! Great looking bike. I hope to have a vintage bike to start from someday.