China Motor 2 stroke Oil Seals Are Better ones available

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  1. V 35

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    Does anyone sell an upgraded oil seal for the china girl motors. The vendors have them, but I'm sure they are the same junk they put into the motors at the factory. No real engineering need be done, just a question of knowing what size seal, who sells a good product, and do they want some business ? Motor = Skyhawk GT 5 Thank you

  2. Purple Haze

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    Here's the part # for a double lip oil seal: 103393. My secret weapon, it is thin enough to use on both sides, and is much better than the crappy stock seals. Any good bearing supply shop should stock them. Another tip is to use 6202 zzc3 bearings, which have a good seal, remove inside seal on crank bearings for lube, adds a second line of defense against air leaks.
  3. Fabian

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    Can you please post a weblink for the 103393 Double Lip Oil Seal.