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    hey guys, i have just recently bought a engine kit for my bike on ebay just for me to start on, it is aparntly 80cc and 5-6hp. im deciding wether to go for a modified cheap engine or spend the extra money for a highend engine.. how much power are these china internals capable of handling, i have found a fair amount of performance parts. i just want to find out whats the best way to make a powerful engine for my setup.

    thanks, cody

  2. crassius

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    most kits that say 80cc are really about 66cc to 68cc

    they usually have about 2.5hp

    any performance parts that just bolt on are often going to leave you with a bike that is hard to start or slower than a standard model unless you learn a lot about tuning them

    I'd recommend building what you get and learning about it by running it a while before trying to change it.
  3. Big Red

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    I agree 100%. A stock 66cc china girl will hit 30-35mph. Plenty fast to start with.
    Big Red.
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    ......................Just go with MORINI! That's all...............
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    At this point, it is not finding the best way to make a powerful engine, but a dependable engine. Save your money on performance parts. Just get the darn thing running good and know how to tune it. With these engines, proper setup is important. If you haven't seen it yet, here's a good guide in setting up your engine:

    For no-start conditions or trouble running, here's 2 good guides that should be book marked by all new members: cycle engine trouble shooting guide.html

    Good Luck,

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    for some folks, "" shows only a blank screen with error msg - are those available elsewhere?
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    IF YER RICH!!!
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    Only had one of these, Thanks.
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    Rrrr, RRrrrr RRRRRR!
    That is the sound of your E-bay sellers fishing pole with another 'motor spec' sucker on the hook.

    That's OK, job one is isn't performance, it is mounting the motor and rear sprocket properly.
    It doesn't matter what the power is, if that rear sprocket isn't true and aligned with the motor you will have problems, and if you drill the front down tube or some other gimmick to attach the front of your motor to the bike it just gets worse.

    Post up what bike you are using because that is the most important.
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    AMEN KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ VERY true!!!!!!!!!!!~
  11. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Like the other guys said you bought a 66 cc motor that makes about 2 HP.

    The highest HP race motors are made by Arrow Motorized Cycles at 9.5 HP
    Dave won't sell you one to ride on the street and they are $899 shipped.

    Yes, I may be accused of being a little biased :) but Arrow's Street Racer is
    hard to beat for all the aftermarket quality performance parts you get with it
    for $499

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    HT motor

    The picture is of the 4.5 hp street motor . It's 500.00 dollars.
  13. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Sorry about the confusing post.
    $500 shipped in the US and a hellava good deal for what you get like I said

    Seriously how many people are going to buy the $899 9.5 HP race motor on the same page?
    It really wouldn't be a good street bike.

    The OP asked how much power they are capable of making.
  14. jaguar

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    You are overlooking something very critical. These rides have one gear. A modified engine (Arrow, Morini) is usually peaky and runs so-so or like a dog at mid range rpm. On my site you can learn how to modify a chinese engine to have a broad powerband which is exactly what you need with a one gear ride.
  15. CODZ42

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    I am aware the details are always not correct, and i know a 80cc is normaly a 66cc. I know its probaly a waste of money buying a china but i just wanted to start off an get into the sport. I have a knowlage of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine tuning and building i just wanted to know if these chinas can handle the parts and the right tuning. If i was going to upgrade first would be airfilter, maybe a exhaust and a carb upgrade, i'm trying to learn how to port and tune these smaller engines (used to 125-250cc) going to learn as much as i can first so i can run it in right, tune it right and do the right modifications to it.

    Cheers cody
  16. BigBlue

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    Unfortunately, haven't found a good Sticky on no-start or problem running. The one posted under the 2-stroke is basic and doesn't have the Ohms measurements for the magneto coil and CDI (or it could, but I ain't reading through of bunch of posts).

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    Electrical Testing

    Defective magneto..testing All readings are approximate. Use Low Ohm-Meter Scale 200K Ohms Check Ohms between BLACK wire and WHITE wire. 2 Ohms Check ohms between BLUE wire and WHITE wire. 300-400 ohms.5. Defective CDI..testing All readings are approximate. Use Ohm Meter High Scale About 200K Positive lead on BLUE wire and Negative lead on BLACK wire infinite (no activity) Positive lead on BLACK wire and Negative lead on BLUE wire. 130-150 K ohms Positive lead on Spark Plug wire and negative lead on BLUE wire. 135-155K ohms Switch to Low Scale 20K Measure between Spark Plug wire and BLACK lead. 2.5 - 2.7 K ohms Magneto and CDI testing .. credit goes to 2Door Link: How to use a multimeter Link: Don Grube’s Great Magneto Mystery:6.Replace Spark plug (I like NGK’s plugs) and high voltage lead from the CDI. Use a wire core lead.

    2Door gets credit for this,
    Big Red.
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    Thanks - your're the Man!

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    You already had it bro. (yer second link.) ya just didn't know ya had it.
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  20. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The Arrow 4.5 HP Street Racer has a very broad power band because of the reed valve.
    Not peaky in the slightest and is very strong down low and in the mid range rpm.

    Looks like your race motor with the Rock Solid reed valve may not make the April 13th race.