Chinese 2 stroke ebay!!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by sae3dkhan, May 20, 2011.

  1. sae3dkhan

    sae3dkhan New Member

    will a chinese two stroke engine from ebay be okay for use in long distances as i am wanting to ride it over Europe!

  2. Oddzball

    Oddzball Member

    yeah so long as the seller isnt in USA. And they dont jip ya.

    Any engine will do to be honest. Ive come to the conclusion that they are all basically the same, regardless of what the seller says.

    Sure some of the addons like clutch handle etc might be differrent, but motor wise? Same Same.
  3. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    Yeah mate, I get all of mine from ebay (trusted seller) only thou. I normally buy the grubee skyhawks or the standard china f80/f80b engines as in my experiences they have lasted a long time.

    Any engine is good if you treat it with respect :D
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  4. Oddzball

    Oddzball Member

    Who is your "trusted seller"?
  5. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    Mbb imports (mr biker boy). I've been buying from him for years. Never an engine problem has happened for me.
  6. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    Can I ask simple questions?
    << I >> would really enjoy long distance touring of Europe !
    Gosh that would be fun.

    Would it not be better to purchase, say, a vespa?, or some other motorbicycle that is common there, which you might be able to get repair parts from some sort of established dealer network?

    It occurs to me we are talking about small engines here... periodic failure is darn near guaranteed!

    It would be very interesting for me to know... probably NOT useful info, but I enjoy dreaming about things... wouldn't it be best to take the train into Czechoslovakia or ??? and buy one there ? That is supported, more or less, throughout the EU ?

    I'd really like to know, and THANKS to the MotoredBikes Forum Proprietor for conducting this global forum!

  7. sae3dkhan

    sae3dkhan New Member

    can u??

    is that possible to take like a moped engine 125cc or 50cc engine and convert it on to a bicycle ?
  8. sae3dkhan

    sae3dkhan New Member


    if anybody knows where i can get any good 4 stroke engine kits for my bicycle on ebay then please post the links ! thanks!