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  1. this engine is well under powered it kills bearings in the final drive and the centifugal clutch is mess, anyone had one of these ?

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    Which motor and what kind of kit do you have?
  3. i have this and it is ****, ebay item number 290443826834
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    It has been said over the ages

    You get what you pay for!
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    The engine looks like the HuaSheng 142F, which is actually a pretty good little engine. However, the final drive ratio is usually the main reason for lack of power. In some cases (and looking at the size of the rear sprocket it may be the case with yours) it is geared too high for the engine to develop peak power. I have the same engine on one of my bikes, but coupled with a different drive and a large (64-tooth) rear sprocket. I'm a heavy weight rider and I get very good performance with mine. Also, that stock exhaust robs power. I replaced mine with a flex pipe exhaust and it increased performance, but made it much louder.
    So don't write off that little engine, but I'd suggest looking into a different drive.

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  6. were will i find a differant final drive for this engine ?
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    Inasmuch as I'm a moderator here I shouldn't play favourites, so I'm going to mention a few: Grubee, Staton and EZ. The one on my bike is an EZ Motorbike Q-Matic drive. It uses a belt primary to a centrifugal clutch with a chain final drive. One of these drives will cost about as much as your whole kit, but it is worth it. It's very well made and very reliable.
    Staton is also very well built, but even more expensive. GruBee gearboxes are relatively inexpensive but haven't been as trouble-free as the other two makes.
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    But the Kit/Engine he linked too is for the Clone motor with the partially enclosed clutch attached (142F-CC) with the tapered stub output shaft, and that limits what drive units can be used. Grubee has a 4-G unit that will mount easily and the Staton gearboxes would mount relatively easily, there are some others, but the EZ Q-Matic requires a longer output shaft than the motor he is saying he has?

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  10. can anyone give me a link to a stronger clutch and final drive for this engine ? regards bill