chinese "80cc" engine parts brisbane QLD Australia

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    Hey ive got a collection of the Chinese frame mount engine parts includes

    fuel tank + all mounting parts and nuts

    2 complete bottom ends (1 with good piston just needs new barrel) other with no barrel.

    44 tooth sprocket and all mounting stuff

    um few engine covers heaps of other stuff spare carb (no air filter) clutch levers, cables, muffler, throttle grip, cdi unit, cdi plug lead and lots more just tell me what part you need, make me a offer and ill have a look

    I also have a intake manifold which I got it cut and re welded so it puts the carb out on an angle so you can use a smaller framed bikes

    This is also on ebay as well -

    Pickup from northgate QLD 4013 is fine.

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    Could you send me/put up a pic of the carby? pretty interested:cool:
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    its just a standard NT type carb I may be willing to part with my performance mikuni carb (also with blue pod performance filter, remote choke and throttle and kill switch) for the right price. FYI I paid about $60 for it but the other standard carbs $10 or best offer.

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    remember people make me a offer and you will most likley sell whatever part you need for that price