Chinese Bike Engine Interview

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    I found this interview very informing

    Go to YAHOO....

    Those Cute Little Chinese Bike Engines

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    got a link on that one

    would you post the link please

    ride the motor bike
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    Great interview, When was it done?
  5. srdavo

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    prolly 4 years ago.
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    early on, Tom had a small website ( & this forum was a sidebar, the arlo interview was the time it was THE authoritative article. looking back at it, seeing how pertinant most of his info still is...well, let's just say we could open a discussion about lack of progress, but we won't ;)
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    I think it would be really interesting to see how a blueprinted HT ran.

    Too bad OSHA makes running a small foundry nearly impossible in the USA, these engines could use some design improvements
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    i think a high-end HT would rock the house, it's the cutest lil' design...but i also think it would be pretty pricey.

    me? still dreamin' of a "made in usa" version :)
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    I've decided that I NEED one of those Triumph style heat sinks for the exhaust pipe. I'll make my own, though.

    The guy in the second picture had 'em.

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    If one was available would'nt hesitate for a second to buy one.:thinking2:
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    Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:grin5::grin5: