Chinese Cheapy Running well so far

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  1. Rockspider99

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    Hey All,

    Just an update on my Ride.

    1350KM's done so far over the past half year and she still seems to be running well except for the little bit of petrol that has started to come out the back of the carb. She also still "4-strokes" in the low revs (about 25km per hour) but evens out nice when I get to about 38 - 40 km.
    I replaced the chain and bought a Pit bike chain that works like a charm. have not had to re-adjust the tension for the past 900km's
    I am just dreading that 2000Km mark when everyone seems to report that the motor starts to fail.

    Thanks all.

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Nice bike.

    Let's see....a little bit of fuel coming out of the back of the carburetor? I wonder if that means that your carb float isn't working properly?
  3. LewieBike

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    It's a good guess that your '4 stroking' is caused by the excess fuel, there's a stickied thread in 2 Stroke Engines sub forum, that covers tuning the NT carburetors on these bike engines. Maybe that will help?
  4. KCvale

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    Nice pic of nasty looking inhospitable beach but I can't make heads or tails of what is on the bike.
    Great pic of a beach you don't want to vacation to but pretty poor if the subject was what you have on your bike.
    Just say'n, ya know?
  5. Fabian

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    If you fit a Jaguar CDI, the engine will have a significantly greater life expectancy than 2,000 kilometers. My last bottom end ran 10,000 kilometers and i typically get 4,000 kilometers out of a cylinder.
  6. Rockspider99

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    Thanks for the great comments :)
    Very Possible that the carb is over fueling but have had no luck it getting rid of it with this carb, I have adjusted the float arms, tested the float, Soldered the Jet. This is about the best I have been able to get it to run. Not heavy on fuel though, I get about 60km per litre of petrol.

    @KCvale - I was looking for a scenic photo of my little trip around the coast of Cape Town, the area is called Kommetjie - loosely translated from Afrikaans to English means Little Cove. Very beautiful area.

    Hmm, to get the after market parts for these motors here in SA is expensive as it will have to be shipped from US etc.
  7. Fabian

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  8. butre

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    I get 90 miles to the gallon. this km per liter stuff is as good as hieroglyphics to me
  9. Fabian

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    40 kilometers per litre works out to 94.085833318 miles to the US gallon

    48 kilometers per litre works out to 112.902999981 miles to the US gallon
  10. Rockspider99

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    I am a small guy, only 60KG also I never really use WOT, mostly ride 1/3rd throttle. with 32 tooth sprocket I cruise comfortably at about 40KM per hour. I also peddle with the motor a fair amount to keep warm.
  11. Fabian

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    and you are not hauling this:

  12. Rockspider99

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    Toot toot, lol no definitely not.
  13. butre

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    no, just between my 200 pound ass, my cravings for speed, and the fact that I occasionally forget to turn my fuel off, doesn't necessarily make for great fuel economy.

    right now I'm getting 0 miles to the gallon with my broken arm, a cast doesn't make for a fun ride.
  14. flashstar

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    I like your picture! It looks like a lot of fun to go riding there. Have you ever considered riding up the coast of Africa a ways? If I lived there, I would love to tackle it on a motorized bike.

    These China Girls do fairly well for 2 strokes. I would check compression at around 2000km. If it's a bit low, you're experiencing a loss of power, or you'd like more safety I would rebuild the top end.

    4-stroke engines typically receive better lubrication and 2-stroke cylinder walls, pistons, and rings don't usually last as long. Guys with dirt bikes here often rebuild their 2-stroke top ends at the end of a riding season. 4-strokes are not usually rebuilt nearly as often.

    I would check your carb float as well. Also note that you need to look at the bottom of the ceramic piece on a spark plug to do a proper chop. The color of the top of the ceramic, grounding strap, and electrode is affected by the heat of the plug.
  15. Rockspider99

    Rockspider99 Member

    Thanks for Info, I am probably just going to buy a new Carb as they are pretty darn cheap with a new ring set etc. Give it a good service.

    Has anyone solved the issue with the rear wheel loosing it "True" and spokes loosening. I have to tighten up and straighten about every 2nd Week.
  16. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    With surprising consistency, i get 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) out of a top end on a Chinese 2-stroke centre mount motorized bicycle engine; using 25:1 oil/fuel ratio.

    My last bottom end went for 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles), so there's plently of life available from these cheap 2-strokes, so long as a Jaguar CDI is installed and a good billet cylinder head is fitted; with significantly improved cooling surface area, such as the CR Machine Manufacturing billet cylinder head.

    The standard carburettor is perfectly ok, but the best option is to install an intake system comprising of a reed valve intake and Walbro style (diaphragm) carburettor; ideally a pumped unit, if you care to have a little extra plumbing on the bike.