Chinese Child Labour

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  1. bigsugar999

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    talking to a CA/CPA last night, it was pointed out that unless you have a westerner on the ground in the factory watching, you can expect that the chinese will, after you leave, possibly remove the adult labourers, and replace them with children.

    Im not sure how I feel about the possiblity of child labour being involved in the building of these engines, and/ or componenets ... Anyone know whether something like this can be checked ? ...:confused:/concerned.
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  2. biketec

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    I have pictures and letters of the factories, LOL actually they use women in there factories not kids. It was funny I got a tour of the carb factory and he said "This is were the women work and the men supervise." So no kids in the factories!
  3. SirJakesus

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    You should also remove your clothes and stop brushing your teeth. Everything comes from China.
  4. SimpleSimon

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    Well, no.

    Lots of clothing sold here comes from India, Egypt, Central American nations. Lots of shoes are made in Argentina, as well as Turkey, Various things get made various places. Unfortunately for us, almost nothing besides weapons and weapon delivery systems are actually built here anymore.
  5. Hardcarve1

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    I have been doing some work where we are getting pre fabricated houses made in China and unless we have a person their on the ground all sorts of problems happen. I have to redesign the houses so that manufacturing them is the over riding design criterior and not the architecture.

  6. Pablo

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    Simply not true. I've lived in the dorms at a couple Chinese factories....and visited very many.
  7. kerf

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    Twelve year old girls have a right to earn a living too.
  8. CalgarysFool

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    I'm not saying it's ok to be blissfully ignorant -- especially if that involves being willfully unaware of the obvious... However, child labour does, apparently go on, but without information that it is happening at Happy Time Motors, Inc, I don't feel obligated to act as if there is.

    But if I knew it, I'd definitely be in favor of every kid getting recess time....uhh, errr, seriously, I'd vote with my pocket book, not buy any of their products, and join others here in advocating.... maybe for a forum position statement? Forum Members do not condone child exploitation, etc etc.

  9. fetor56

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    The bottom-line..................$$$
  10. kerf

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    Condemnation or not, people will continue to buy their products. If it is going on, it's the responsibility of the Chinese government to intervene, if they choose to turn a blind eye, obtaining proof of these allegations will be almost imposable. It's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility, that American environmentalist have started a false rumor to harm the HT market. Look no further back than the recent EPA wars on this very forum. Some of the very people that scream with self righteous indignation can be guilty of blatant dishonesty.
  11. bigsugar999

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    ... i've also just spoken with a costco buyer who's well aware of such rumors, but claims the factories they deal with are "audited" ... So, whether true or not of happy time, and whether audits work, i'm now having pangs of guilt, as anyone whos never thought of this would, wondering just how many things i've bought made in china which are likely made at the hands of children :( ... i would support a forum position statement.
  12. augidog

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    look at the bright side...

    those who railed with justified indignation are being vindicated left & right...and while a dishonest dealer or two may have been affected, there's been no harm done to the HT the contrary, new models & improvements indicate "we" helped it get better.

    now..child labor...? i wouldn't be surprised, but that's because it happens everywhere the consumer chooses to cheap-out & the maker can get away with it.

    and remember, there's still no such thing as an 80cc HT, yet they're still listed and y'all still keep buyin' 'em. ethics & choices, my friends, it's that's simple.
  13. kerf

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    What kind of forum position statement, that we are against people doing bad things, do you think. What proof can you offer other than rumor and forth hand information. I don't own a HT, I don't have a dog in this fight but I can see a coming FLAME WAR. Is that what you're trying to accomplish?????
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  14. Pablo

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    If the factories I dealt with for 5 bloody years were using child labor, they must have had tunnels and hidden rooms and trap doors........folks get a grip. The real problem with China are ripoffs and pollution so bad it reaches our west coast. The good about China is that they do capitalism better than the terribly overburdened USA. There is a the pendulum swings.......we both could learn from each other.

    I've seen women (young and they look like girls, but 18+) waiting in none to shabby lobbies for job interviews many times in China. In nice, nice buildings.....folks they are eating our lunch. Don't worry about child labor in China, worry more about how the male UAW member will get his next erection:
    GM Spends $17 Million Per Year on Viagra
    and our hard earned tax dollars are going to bail these pukes out? They should be ashamed, the whole lot of them. Management as well for caving to the UAW.
  15. kerf

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    What Pablo said!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. MyPC8MyBrain

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    Who cares anyways...
    I've always had a job since the age of ten right here in the good ol USA.

    Trickle down has trickled down all the way to China, then the Chinese trickle that down to the women and children. I guess the buck stops there... unless they can figure out how to put the dogs and cats to work.
  17. SimpleSimon

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    Cats and dogs are livestock, and they "earn" their keep.
  18. kerf

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    Mmmm, cat burger with bamboo shoots.
  19. BSA

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    Some of you people are just pathetic.

  20. kerf

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    Thanks, I like you too.