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    hi shazer here

    I just bort myself a 49cc Chinese engine and the problem I'm having is that the clutch will not stay in adjustment i adjusted it is when it was cold and i started on my ride 3 minutes in just when the engine started to heat up the clutch comes off adjustment and i have no clutch to disengage the engine and the control line down to the clutch lever does not go loose I stop the bike and let it cool down and the clutch goes somewhat back in to adjustment but not totally

    thank for any help that you can give me:cool:

  2. shazer

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    You may want to make sure the screw is tight on the little brass end holding the cable to the motor.
    If it is a new build you may have to adjust the clutch a few times to get it right.



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    Look at the amount of free play in the lever by the drive sprocket

    I will bet your clutch (cable) adjustment is too tight your clutch is slipping until it gets so hot it will hot transmit any more power.
    There should be some play in the cable end( by the drive sprocket. small cover end ) ----Slack , a little loose. NOT tightly pulling the clutch lever end.---
    There is another place to adjust the clutch on the big cover side the star wheel.

    Think of a slipping clutch not an engaged clutch.
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    Chinest cables stretch just like their chains but not as much. I'd make sure you have plenty of slack when clutch is released.
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    Clutch threads are for frame mount drive train. Thread moved.