Chinese Engines a ripoff and fraud

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    The Chinese 2 cycle bike engines have been banned in the USA. Any 2 cycle Chinese bike engine you buy anywhere have been smuggled in, and do not contain a serial number or statement of origin. They are not EPA certified either, since they are smuggled goods.

    Dont even bother purchasing these unless you plan to use it "off road only" as you will not be able to get any kind of title or registration to run these on public roads, unless you plan on stamping your own number on it which is illegal. I would suggest everyone BOYCOTT anyone selling these chinese 2 cycle bike engines and dont buy anything from them.

    Buy an electric bike kit instead, I bought an electric kit and would never go back to gas. I am NO LONGER dependent on OIL for my transportation. It is great! I hope gasoline goes up to $100.00 a gallon that would be great!

  2. (Covers my Happy Time's eyes)


    Me:It's nothing. Nothing at all!
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    Well how is your energy made? To charge your batts you get power from the powerplant which most likely burns oil anyways, and if you want to say electric motors are clean your only half right, batts give off bad gases when they charge, they have tons of led in them which in 5 years needs new batts.Im guessing your one of those people that bought one and ran it till it blew 4 days later, you gotta treat them nicely they aren't exactly u.s. or japanese quality.Im a happy happy time owner. who really registers there bikes anyway, and EPA is the most worthless and pain in the butt agency there is!Any questions?
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    Your entitled to your opinion but u really need to do your homework on EXACTLY how clean & green electric ANYTHINGS are.Nothing is clean,nothing is green so before u start criticizing other forms of transportation look on your own back-doorstep first.
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    I hope batteries go up to $100.00 a battery. (Not really) come on! get real.
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    NO NO No NO NO NO,

    I was told by the local police that I needed tags for the gas engine that is why I got rid of it only got to ride it about ten minutes into the test ride and got pulled over and was told I needed tags but could not get them because of tagging and titling and VIN number requirements. I charge my batteries with solar cells , and take them to the recycle center when expended.

    Dont make assumptions, because you are always wrong.
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    So let me see if I've got this right? You had a little run in with your local authorities so now it's off to **** for all the gas guzzling Happy Times engines and thier owners too? Wow! Not only that, but since you don't need gas anymore, you hope the rest of us get to pay $100 bucks per gallon. You really seem to have a way with words there, and that makes me wonder if that quality is what maybe gave you the problem in the first place. Let's face it, we are ALL dependent on oil which is used to some degree in nearly everything. I rest my case.
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    you are the only person, I have heard, who has had problems with Kansas law. (we've talked before...)
    check with the highway patrol.
    do the locals have "it" in for you? Have you been bad? :p:lol:
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    The police here have a personal vendetta against Scooters and motor Bikes

    Several years ago the police here nearly put every person in town in jail because they had a scooter craze here and the people kept riding them after they were warned. So now they have a personal vendetta against anything with a 2 cycle engine. And they say the bicycle is a scooter or moped too.

    So electric works for me because I went to city hall and specifically asked the city attorney and the cop that stopped me if "electric assisted bicycles are legal" they look it up in their little "city code book" and they all agreed on it that it is legal , so now they can not harass me anymore. Because that just what it is "harassment" because of their personal vendetta.

    It sure beats paying $3.50 a gallon for gas and driving a 4000 + pound 200 hp v8 sedan for short trips and choking up the air with fumes.

    Do the math one trip to work in the sedan, $1.50gas, insurance $1.56, $3.00 tags, taxes, total for 1 trip to work $6.06x 365=2.211.9 Grand Total for the year!, 1 round trip to work on the electric bike 4 cents + $100.00 year new batteries, yearly operating cost for bike $246.00. Now you got to admit thats quite a savings.

    Oh on your suggestion of contacting the highway patrol, I did and seems I got a hold of "Colonel Grump" who has the same personal vendetta. He shouted at me over the phone and said. He said " I WILL NOT ISSUE A VIN TO YOUR BICYCLE" Because it does not have the proper tires and braking system. Then he began his telephone interrogation, "How fast does this thing go he shrieked?" "Does it have proper signal lights?" His final word was, " GO BUY A MOTORCYCLE IF YOU WANT TO RIDE A MOTOR CYCLE" I WILL NOT STAMP A VIN ON THIS?
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    Your just the same as the cops...your right and everyone else is wrong,so if u can't have a Happy Time then no-one alse can.
    That's not only predjudice that's selfish and u have the audacity to portray yourself as a green person with everyone else being an enviromental vandal......your green alright,green with envy.
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    and how far do u get with batteries 40 - 50 km per charge.
    I get aprox 100 km per happy time fuel tank + carrying extra oil have done aproxx 250 km in one day.
    try doing this with an electric bike carring 5 or 6 batteries where as i carried a empty fuel can and filled 2L as needed every 80 km so could have a rest,feed ,nature break this way i wasnt carrying fuel all the way:lol::roll:
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    Affirmative, he receives the mature biker of the month award. :shock:
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    hey if we could we would buy electric kits and im working on that to i hope that they will cost no more then $325

    and the 4 stroke for cheap to

    but hey the best thing that i have ever driven by far is the 2 stroke i have 3,000 mil abd am still going strong so :p to you

    and i dont whant to here your complaning christ boycot man your a gimp
    in my book

    so what if they come in they come in and deal with it because the new epa ones are in HAHAHAHA to you man and why would we pay a easy $600+

    in stead of just paying $200 for a gas engine and dose more no charge time and will do more just more gas use but hey 160mpg well thats sood to me
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    The happy time engine is not going to be boycotted. It is a great and relatively cheap way to cut your teeth on motoredbikes. Electric bikes are cool and are now at the point were you can get excelent range and speed with a 1000 watt motor. Electric bikes are not better they are very different.

    There is already a thread for discussing the happy time engine vs 4 stroke and a thread with electric vs engine. I think that they have there own pro's and cons and I would say that you should make an informed descision on what you buy based on what YOU need.

    I'm locking this thread so you can discus it on: