Break In Chinese Motor seized. [ break in speed - oil mixture ]



excuse me as im not very mechanical and learning from scratch.

Ive had my motored bike for a week. 80cc 2 stroke engine.
( 3AIT&viewitem=&item=290135951570&rd=1&rd=1 ) <-thats the 1 i bought

I have ridden it every day for about 8 days. 3 hours a day. And today when i was riding it the engine shut off and seazed and i skidded to a stop. It would not kick over. Not even make a sound like it was. And when i tried it would just completely stop and not let the back tyre spin.

i opened up the shaft that connects the chain to the motor and the cog seemed okay but there was little bit sharded metal in there.

Any ideas what it is? there is 4 possibilities of what could have gone wrong:

1] My stupid mate MAY not have put enuf oil in the fuel mixture.
2] we just high flowed the exhaust.
3] Riding 3 hours a day at max revs.
4] Manufature problem.

opions PLEASE. thanks.
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will the wheel and chain spin when you pull in the clutch? (will the bike roll?)

tell us more about the metal you found by the cog? can to tell what it is from?


What are the chances of not enough oil??????? Ask buddy if he put oil in it or not, and does he lie?
If your mate is potentially 1/4 of the reason your ride failed then you need to either lose your friend or ban him from going anywhere near it. :eek: :D

If it is a failed motor I know the guy that I get my motors from in oz offers a warranty of 30 days (i think) so it may pay to look on your suppliers site.

How long have you had the motor if you have been riding it 8 days?
Hmmm. Running a new engine for 3 hours per day for 8 days at max RPM's, sounds BAD to me !!
did the piston sieze? maybe you could try to take off the engine head and see if the piston will come out.

stowaway...before you start taking things apart.....make us clear on the symptoms

will it roll?

if your chain binding?

it will roll with the clutch in. But wont move at all with the clutch out.

my mate isnt too blame he put 50:1 oil in. so thats not the problem.

I took it to my dads workshop and the boys say it probably dropped a bearing. So im sending it back to the guy i bought it from coz the warranty lasts 30 days. (thank god)
I think 32 to 1 is what works best. Do not tell the vendor you were running 50 to 1...I sure would not.