Chinese SSR 50 4 stroke

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Barry, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Barry

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    Hello out there!

    Anyone have any data on this: I've surf'ed the net for three hours and came up with very little. Even with a price tag of $300, if you got a 2 speed gear box and built in pedals, seems like it would be worth a try. Matter of fact, I've got an OCC Schwinn copper frame hanging on my workshop wall in need of something like this.


  2. professor

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    Hi Barry, what I don't see in that pic is the carb and manifold, coil, wires.
    I recall that these do not come with some of these engines and I did not see them listed as an option on that site.
    Really, that motor would be nice but what about the missing parts?
  3. Barry

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    Hey Professor!
    Thanks for the come-back.. Yes, the $299 gets you everything, carb, ignition, etc. However, when I got home last night and took a ruler to the OCC Schwinn frame, this SSR is a non-starter. Total length of the SSR is 18" and I only have 11" to play with on the OCC. I have four builds under my belt and swore that I'd NEVER do a 2 stroke but, that seems to be the only option available to me on the OCC withour MAJOR surgury to that frame.
    Thanks Again
  4. wheelbender6

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    That engine will require skills (welding, etc) to mount in an OCC chopper. Looks like it would likely bolt directly into a hardknock kikker bobber or other small motorbike that comes with a clone of a Honda horizontal engine. There are a lot of them like four stroke pocket rockets and Chinese Honda CT 70 replicas.