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    Is there one brand that surpasses any other brand. And if so in what ways, if I'm going to spend the extra money I'd sure like to know? Getting ready to build #2 for myself 210# AND I'm well aware opinions are like AH's....everyone has one. Would like personal experience.

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    As a guy who has sold dozens of these kits, you want to buy the kits manufactured at the YD (Yuan Dong) or NTJL (Nantong Jiali) factories. Currently, Grubee kits are the only importers of these kits. Rico Group imports the "BoyGoFast" engines. And the RAW engines come from the Jiangdu Flying Horse factory.

    They are all pretty much the same, but the Grubees are a bit better with regards to care in assembly. The BoyGoFast 50cc slant heads with steel cylinder liner are pretty good engines, but the Grubee Gen II's have a superior installation kit.

    I'm about 175 lbs, and the slant head 50cc engines are good for 30+mph - but for a 210 lb person, maybe a 66cc kit or a larger sprocket on a 50cc kit is the ticket.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself....infact i couldn't even have said it at all.

    PS...also check-out Chris Hill...good but not cheap.
    Parts are important to cos most internal engine parts are not interchangeable from vendor to vendor.
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    I'm 240lbs. and I have the 50cc Grubee Gen II with a 44t sprocket. I have to pedal a bit to start out, but it pulls me just fine 25 to 30 mph.

    I have modified it some by cleaning up the ports, new spark wire, new plug, and raising the compression with longer plug (not recommended by others on the list) or raising compression by shaving the head (future project).

    I love this engine with it's steel sleeve.
    The fin castings are rough, the muffler fell apart in the first 5 minutes of riding and the clutch tried to come apart at the bearing race (welded now). It's still a Chinese engine but I have no complaints so far after repairing the initial problems and am happy with my 200 plus miles on it. The gen II engines didn't get their EPA certification this year because of a paperwork glitch, but I'm sure they will be ready to go for next year and maybe the price will come back down. Mine came from
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    The first I built was for my son. It's a slant head 80cc/68.5...It has plenty of both pick up and power to cruise the roads with me on it. Actually they are all a piece of junk, but what does one think they will get for a buck twenty five....FUN>>>FUN>>>FUN. Still debating on which 80 kit I'm going to get.
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    Well, you asked!

    Seriously though - try a Grubee kit. It still isn't going to be a Rolls Royce, but you will notice the difference in the installation hardware and overal engine condition.

    And my recommendation for longevity would be one of the 50cc kits with steel cylinder. BGF on eBay has them, and the Grubee Gen II models (from various sellers) have the steel sleeve and "new style" flange mount carburetor.
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    Grubee Gen II :D (steel sleeve all the way).
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    With that "new" style can you still add boost. I looked at them and not sure if there is enough room or not.
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    The GenII 50 cc engine uses the 49cc pocket bike carburetors you see at PepBoys or even on E-bay. I've seen the carbs for sale as cheap as $8 US and I haven't looked very hard.
    There is no intake manifold. It bolts directly to the jug.
    In mine, there are 2 fiber gaskets that are about 3/16" thick, combined.


    The lower end of the clutch cable goes through a slot on the crank case body instead of the older bolt on bracket.


    To add a boost bottle, you'd have to get creative and make a plate to go where the fiber washers go unless you tapped into the tail end of the carburetor somehow. The clutch cable rubs the side of the fuel bowl a little even with the factory set-up, so that is the limiting factor here.

    There are more pics of the carb on my signature link below that might be helpful. One thing of note...if you follow the picture link. I think the fiber washers are to try and make the transition from a small round hole on the back of the carb to the larger squarish intake port of the cylinder. I tried to modify the back of the carb to help smooth the air flow a bit and gained about 2 mph.

    If I had a choice between a boost bottle and reed valves I'd be trying to install a reed valve in that space where the fiber washers are.:wink:
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