Chinese youth motor trike racing

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  1. A coworker came back from China and brought, in addition to a bag full of the most interesting packaged snacks I've ever seen, a car magazine.

    Yes a car magazine w/ a Photo article, written in chinese, apparently about young chinese kids racing honda powered "aero recumba tricycle" sorta' things. They look like the partial/fully enclosed speed record bicycles, only they're tricycles and they're motorized.

    I'm trying to find out more about this sport. Anybody ever heard of it? I'll try and scan some photos from the mag and upload them.

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    would enjoy watching them race those THINGS
    will be watching to see if you find out more

    it's always fun to watch people on motorized THINGS !!!
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    Maybe scan a picture or two...
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    Absolutely. Thanks for posting!!
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    Dang. I thought my trike was a one-of-a-kind.