chirping clutch, 80cc

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by gubba, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. gubba

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    I have 500 miles on my 80cc. When idling the motor sounds great but when the clutch is engaged it makes a loud 'chirping' sound (the clutch).
    I removed the clutchplate cover and the pads seem to have excessive wear.
    Is there a manual or instruction set for the clutch somewhere???
    How hard is the clutchplate to replace>>>

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  2. Ghost0

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    You will see with your clutch cover off a "flower nut" that is being kept from spinning by a small screw. Remove the screw and rotate the flower nut about a half turn. Replace the little screw and give it a try. This is how you adjust your clutch. In on the flower nut will make it slip more and out on the flower nut will make it grab more. Hope this helps.
  3. gubba

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    How hard is it to replace the clutchplate (pads)??
    Is there a manual available for workiing on the clutch??


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    I don't know of any printed manual. I doubt if there is one.

    But there have been a lot of posts on the subject. I think I remember one with some excellent photos.

    I'm afraid I don't remember the thread titles, but if you search under "clutch", then I'll bet you'll find them.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    clutchpad plate

    After searching through about 200 posts I found a thread that does a step by step with pics.
    The pads seem to be worn about half after 500 miles. I think I will keep adjusting untill they are gone and see how far they lasted.
    Thanks for the lead.

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    Can you post the link to the thread you found.... this will save some search time for the next guy. :)

    I've never worn out the pads on any of mine..... a couple have 5000+ miles.
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    Thread link reply to abve message:

    "clutch plate removal-broken clutch stud bolt"
    posted by FILCAN1003
    posted on 01-12-08 post:6
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    Thanks Dave.... someone here told me the same thing..
    The pads are worn about half... maybe the wear slows down now.

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  10. gubba

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    chirping clutch update

    I cleaned the pads and clutchplate...... chirping continued.
    I got a new set of pads and replaced the old ones, no difference.
    The chirping and squeeling got so bad I was afraid to ride it.
    I was looking at a blowup of the full clutch assemby and noticed a housing with ballbearings behind the large gear (with the little gear).
    I took a spraycan of gear/bearing lube and directed a light spray behind the large gear, turning the gear as I sprayed, being carful not to get any on the pads.
    I took the bike out for a test run and WAHOO! The chirping and squeelingg was gone.
    It now purrs like a kitten and added a noticable increase in power.

    I'm riding that thing man.

    Thanks for all of thee advice along the way, just wantd to pass this along.

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  11. gubba

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    clutch setting

    When I replaced the clutch pads and put the pressure plate back on I had to just guess how far in to set the star nut.
    Is there a good way to know how far in to screw the star nut as a good starting point for the setting?


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  12. bamabikeguy

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    I've been searching....backstory

    a 2006 customer called tonight (Friday), said the two pads on his centrifical clutch are working, but loose. (This was one of the 25cc RedMax/Zenoahs)

    He was wanting to know what type of adhesive would you use to get them back on.

    Superglue? Gorilla Glue?

    Just thought I'd ask you guys before I go calling around......
  13. meme405

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    Okay, I have excessive chirping...

    But my problem is that i cant remove the clutch cover... I can get all but one screw off the cover. Is there anyway i can get this screw off?