Choak that !!!!




last yr I was having trouble starting my bike so I had to clean the carb and bowl no big deal but after over 5,000 miles of hard running the motor is having trouble starting in the morning I have to choke her down hard.
I am going to have to take the choke apart to see why it is being so cold blooded ....once she gets running hot I back off the choke when I do she will not idel right I have adjusted the idel but that did not work , once she gets warmed up she runs like her old self (except for the idel) but she is getting like me old and cantankerous.

Any ideas on what to look for in the choke or fixing the idel

Sounds like maybe its got an intake leak, making it run too lean. When the motor warms up and everything expands the leaks slows down so the choke is no longer needed. You might pull the spark plug to confirm the lean mixture condition. Hope this helps.

Yea,the choke is as simple as it gets. I don't see how a choke can go funky.

Thanks guys,
I was hoping I would not have to re gasket the whole thing from a "shade tree" check the compression seems good .....I was hoping it was just going to be a "gasket / tighten the choak thing" but it looks like this is going to be another adventure in to the MB realm ;)