CHOCTAW update and new Clyclone build

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Hoodoo, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Hoodoo

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    I was making this as the 1909 Indianish but decided to give it a tribal name as it is more unique. Hopefully have just got the chain issue fixed and installed the new easy build handlebars. Now have got to get to work on the oil tank, fenders and chain guard.

    Also here is a sneak preview of a "Clyclone" that my friend just made, not as radical as the Choctaw (no cutting or welding but he did do some superior metal bending and extra effort construction on the tank cover) but AWESOME..
    He also fabricated the very cook headlight from an ashtray and other stuff.

    Hopefully the Kingsbury Special, Choctaw, and Cyclone will be riding together soon, hopefully our spring air fair and every saturday gearhead show. Still looking for someone to through a gray Harley, lime green Excelsior, and Orange Merkel into the mix.

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Cool. I like the motor chain guard.
  3. Hoodoo

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    Until you mentioned it I did not realize Mark combined the chain guard and the
    reversed pedal chain guard as a complete cover engine chain. I really like all that yellow metal. He is more methodical than I and said he wanted to be careful with the wheel painting. I think yellow wheels will "stretch" the look of the bike when he gets it done...I am trying to talk him into getting a different seat post, we got two together and I didn't use mine, just cut down the top of the worksman post retainer, now I am looking at Britton Bee flat type that seem perfect for my Choctaw and I think it will improve Mark's Cyclone.
  4. dash

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    nice looking bikes i would roll with you if i was in your neck of the woods i tried to go for the flying merkel look but it came out more like the flying erkel look, jk , realy nice looking bikes!!!
  5. Hoodoo

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    LOL Would like to see your "erkel" bike, the "artist" never sees the painting as well as the fan. I wish we could set up a website where we could all
    "roll" on the internet with pics, how to do tips, and links to videos, sort of keep the ball rolling and who knows, enough people get involved we could set up chapters and have more fun. I think this cottage industry might take off.
    I'd contribute to such a site.
  6. dash

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    The erkel is my avatar also its on this fourm near your thread/boardtrack racer
  7. Hoodoo

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    Well, it's Orange but the pic is small, I am old and darn near blind. I will take a look at it on your thread.

  8. MarkV

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    Thanks Hoodoo for posting a picture of my nearly completed Cyclone.

    This was my first build, but I benefited greatly from the experience of Hoodoo, as well as from all of you on the motorized bicycle forums. Since that photo was taken, I've added a replica taillight that I made which looks like a carbide taillight, but is actually made from a LED flashlight and the vent stack off of a kerosene lantern.

    I am currently trying to correct the chain rubbing on the fender, but am finding the tolerances are very close and tough to get just right. The chains on both sides are rubbing the fender, despite the fact that I significantly notched the fender on the powered chain side when I first installed the motor kit. I can bend the fender on the pedal chain side in further, but I've only got a small gap to work with, split over both sides. Even if I get the fender adjusted perfectly, the long chains allow a bit of side to side motion that may still let the chains slap the fender occasionally.

    I intend to paint the rims and add a rear-wheel mounted dropstand next (removing the modern kickstand of course). I am also in the planning stages for making a rear luggage rack that resembles the historic one and will let me carry a useful load. - In theory these bikes are intended to allow us to carry tools and misc. items back and forth around the Kingsbury Aerodrome. (More info here: )

    Potential future modifications include replacing the stock handlebar stem with a more historic looking one, swapping the lay back seat post to one that lets me lower the seat a bit further, replacing the stock air filter with an open element filter, and swapping to an expansion exhaust.

    By the way, here's a photo of a real Cyclone motorcycle for comparison:

  9. Hoodoo

    Hoodoo Member

    Choctaw Updated With New Pics

    Still building the Choctaw so to speak. Still need the front fender, will be adding an original horn, probably headlight. Chain cover. It is now riding well.

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  10. dash

    dash Member

    real nice! did you make the handel bars?
  11. Hoodoo

    Hoodoo Member

    Yes, well I came up with the idea and a friend did the welding. Basically took the long part of some apehangers, cut them out and welded them to the end of Wald 867 dles for stability. I am going to add a cross support bar at the place of the welds, a lot of the old bikes have them.
  12. dash

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    nice! thanks to you i have decided to do a a build similar to yours . i love the look of a boardtrack racer but it is uncomfortable on long rides, i just finished one check it out its the tread below yours. thanks for the inspiration!