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    For the "It's Always Something" File:

    So today I am out running errands on he MotoBeast. Nothing unusual as I actually ride this thing everyday. Cruising on the highway, the engine is doing great- except after I get to about 23mph, it just won't go into a higher rev condition. No advance. Everything feels fine except I give full throttle and no advance.

    Checking all the systems, I notice the choke lever is sneaking upward - WTF? - caused I suppose by engine vibration. I reach down with the left hand - across the top of the engine, of course - and I get my advance and good top end speed. For the most part, the choke lever stays down, but every now and then...

    Maybe I will have to weigh it down!


  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    You could put a rubber band on it if you are into those kinda fixes. :)

    Or remove the air cleaner and tighten the nut on the choke pivot. Locktite it?

    it's part of my regular check list of the little things that need adjustment and
    removing the air cleaner to clean the filter.

    If that nut gets so loose it falls off it may get ingested into your motor for a
    catastrophic failure. I recently saw a pic on FB of that very result on a Bikeberry motor.
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    Thanks, Racer Man! I didn't even think of how the choke lever was attached! I figured it was riveted on and all the use had worn it out.

    Your quick response was most helpful; I have already fixed this.

    The end of the bolt that holds the nut is nicely boogered up so I DON'T THINK the nut could ever come loose.


    You guys are helpful.

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    I have one bike that sits just right for my pant leg to pull up that stupid lever every so often - real PIA, but I can just lift my foot and push it down with my heel.
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    back when I was using an NT carb that's one of the only nuts I never remembered to loctite. every few hundred miles I'd have to tighten it while I was miles from home and then by the time I got back I'd forget about it