choke lever sticking

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ezdzd, Jun 29, 2010.

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    So I've got a cable attached to my choke lever and it has worked great for the past 9 plus months or so. I moved some things around on the bike and it added some weight, and about the same time i noticed a significant amount of lag and four stroking at the top end of the power band. So I started trouble shooting assuming some of the problem was the extra weight added, but when I took off the air filter to clean it I noticed in the "open" no choke position the actual choke in the carby was about half way engaged. Problem solved right. My question is, the nut that tightens down on the lever that is exposed when the air filter is removed, too tight and the lever doesn't move too loose and well.... Is it safe to assume that tightness on that nut is as finicky as the rest of the motor and has to be in the sweet spot? Or has the abuse that the attached cable has inflicted upon the lever damaged the integrity of the lever itself? Has anyone messed around with that nut on the inside portion of the air filter? Any input would be appreciated, and I'll try to throw some pics up when I can. Thanks, and yes I am an insomniac