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Large Filipino

Thanks Papausan for bringing back this link: and thanks Lotsa MPG for sharing that. I wanted to just add this to Lotsa MPG's thread but it's in the picture gallery.
Well anyway,I'm checking out the front derailier that came with my Diamondback that I took off a long time ago. I notice it has a strong clamp with a hinge and a shaft that sticks out is screwed on. It looks like the same size thread as a cable assembly for a side pull brake.
Pic 1 ~ So I tear it apart. Sorry. The tear down by itself deserved pics but at the time I didn't see it thru. I was just tearing stuff up.So what are we looking at?
The front derailier chain guide. It's a Shimano STX,a washer,nut,two c clips,and that axle thing that screwed off (Yes. It's the same size hole. Same thread) then we have this grounding clamp in elecrical supplies I got this trick somewhere here. The smallest clamp they had had three holes with a fourth mounting hole.They didn't have single ones. I just needed one hole so I clipped it. That's what's left. This is used to clamp the cable down.
(not in pic) I couldn't find that spring that went to my clutch cable. I'm guessing my dogs took it away and buried it. I bought a spring at Lowes but it springs with the tension pulling in instead of out so I just stretched it,clipped and doubled it up. You'll see in the other pics.
Pic 2 ~ Here's the clamp with the allen nut and the's on there STRONG.
Pic 3 ~ I could trim off that bottom part of that clamp but it's not in the way. Notice that ground thing used as a cable pincher. It's pretty strong. The other half of that pincher is going in my toolpouch. This is strong enough to repair a broken cable on either end! I used a tiny drill to drill a hole in my choke lever. Then I threaded the cable thru. Notice the doubled up spring.
Pic 4 ~ Shifter location. I like it there. I may change it later,I may not.
pic 5 ~ I now have seven cables coming out my front end. I think that simply rules.
pic 6 ~ The whole shebang from a distance
pic 7 ~ Another shot close up.
pic 8 ~ Choke all the way up.


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Large Filipino

So taking it out today it's just beautiful out. 59 degrees and warmer tomorrow go figure only in Colorado. When it's this warm out I don't need choke. I just coast,let go of the clutch and it starts up after about 5 feet. So I tried starting with the choke anyway and I get an instant start and when it wants to die when normally I would stop and adjust it down now I did all this with the lever. So what little peddling I did do to do chokeless starts to get some excersise I do even less of now.
I wish for cold weather again.
It's nice not ever having to do that reach around. I'm not gonna miss that.


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Dec 15, 2006
must be something in the Northglenn, Colorado water !!!
good design, but...
now, your outta derailleurs :LOL:


Jan 6, 2008
That's twice in one day now that you have impressed me with your fine skills large Phil. Nice bike by the way. I can't wait for your next re-design.


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Nov 5, 2009
Thats mighty fine, but I have an easier idea for those who hate flipping their choke lever with their gloves on: Just stuff a 2.25" piece of clear vinyl fuel hose on there. (see album pics). It won't hurt if it snags your pants, and you can move it with gloves on.

I like your pulley system for the clutch, but if you just get an Odyssey Slick cable and a little 3n1 oil, you can make it really easy.

Good job anyway, esp the angle iron cross brace on the handlebars.