Choke or Throttle Problem...Help!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by hooligan, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. hooligan

    hooligan Guest

    So my bike was working great. I was so confident in it that I rode it to work. When I got out of work it would not start. I got a ride home and two days later I tried again and it started but this time it would not start with the choke fully up, this time it needed to be down just a little bit for it to start and I needed to hold the throttle down just a little bit which I did not need to do prior to this. So I decided to do a little work on it. I tightened the carb down because I noticed it was coming a little loose from the vibrations and I used a little locktight on it to seal it. Now it won't start at all. I have a spark and I switched my magneto out with a friends who has a working bike and still nothing. It will not fire up or anything just comes to a stop. I'm still researching and truoble shooting but any extra advice would help.

  2. spunout

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    Just a guess, but you may be sucking air. from any number of places. only two reasons a motor won't run...not getting fuel, or not getting fire. if you're sure about the spark, then perhaps you should re-check all bolts. tighten intake, check all gaskets are good, put an o-ring inside the carb where it meets intake manifold. there's lots of posts in here already. try running a search on air leaks.
    a way i use to locate leaks, is spray carb cleaner or brake wash around all the connections, and gaskets, and carb, while the motor is running. set idle to high. it should die when you've found the 'point of suck'.
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  3. gone_fishin

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    ok...not to pick on you, i'll simply use this example to make a public service announcement about subject lines:

    of course we know it's "not running", because you posted in tech/mech help...(joking) :p

    but that ("not running") subject line will never be any help to our efforts to keep the place searchable. after i post this, i'll edit the subject to be less vague, i think you'll understand then what i mean...take special note of the "similar threads" section below, see how it now references stuff that might help?

    my first thought is to suggest something as simple as making sure the idle screw didn't vibrate out (in the "beginning" i pedaled and cussed for like a 1/2 hour one day before i caught on) i solved it for good was to stretch the spring longer, making for a more secure hold :cool:
  4. Dockspa1

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    One more thimg that I found on my engine was, the compression washer seal around the head of the sparkplug had been tightened down so hard that after taking it out and then retightening it, it produced a compression leak.

    put a new spark plug in and shazzamm, it ran great!
    That is why they say to hand tighten and then go one half turn more with the socket.
  5. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    Thank you for that tip Augi, now I know:smile: