Choosing a flat-footed bike for short legs.



:cool:Hey, guys. i have short legs. i need a 26" bike that will let me rest my feet firmly and flat on the ground. right now, my old SCHWINN cruiser is being fitted with STATON friction drive with a 49cc pocket bike engine. my butt is 36" off the ground, and i'm not liking that. (if i lower the engine mounts 2", maybe 34" off ground.)my wife's 24" bike is 29" from seat to ground. i like that, and i don't intend to pedal anyway.

does anyone know which 26" bike would fit my bill? i looked at the RALEIGH GRUV FC(forward crank), but i want one that i can frame mount an engine as well. all my extra parts are for 20" or 26" bicycles.

i guess the 26" bike frame has to be forward crank-type.

electra townie

ive seen electra townies and i forget the other models but some of them have seat heights starting at 24 inches well made and iesily available ive test ridden them and would definately by one if i ever planned to just ride ,there prices start around 300 bucks at my bike shop.:cool:


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:cool:Dave, nice but too long.

i want one just like the RALEIGH GRUV, except with engine frame mount capabilities.

Have you considered using a 24" rear wheel on a 26" cruiser frame? That's what I have on Rusty. 26" front / 24" rear. My seat height is 29" & I can lower the seat another inch.
I lowered this frame 4.5 " to fit my short legs.


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I think I'm going to gusset up the rear end before trusting it.
This is an old sears (used to be a 3 speed). It was fairly easy to chop down.
How much $$ do you want to spend? There are literally hundreds of mtn. bike frames that would be exactly what you want.

:cool:I'd spend $300 on a bike, new or used.

I need to do more research on the 'net, then walk into bike shops to look see.

I have always been sweet on cruiser bikes, nothing else. A problem i'd never foreseen is that the rack-mounted engine is preventing me from lowering my cruiser's gel seat.:eek:

Should I be looking at full-suspension bikes, hardtails...what?