Choosing a flat-footed bike for short legs.

:cool:I'd spend $300 on a bike, new or used.

I need to do more research on the 'net, then walk into bike shops to look see.

I have always been sweet on cruiser bikes, nothing else. A problem i'd never foreseen is that the rack-mounted engine is preventing me from lowering my cruiser's gel seat.:eek:

Should I be looking at full-suspension bikes, hardtails...what?


$300 might get you a fair hardtail but for comfort's sake, a full suspension would be the way to go. You'd probably feel more confident on a full susp. just because of the greater control you'd have over the bike, plus you'd be able to ride longer. Yes you could get a Wal-Mart mongoose full suspension but it wouldn't last as long as a brand name bike. Buying a bike from a bike shop ensures that it will be assembled properly (not by some 18 yr. old who doesn't give a carp), you'll get good service if you need it later and they will have replacement parts if something breaks.

There are SOOO many choices when it comes to buying a decent bike and doing copius amounts of research can never be a bad thing.

Made a 3/4 v cut at the front of the crossbar and cut the back off completely. Had to shorten the crossbar to get it lowered to the spot I wanted. I ground it concave to fit the seat bar. Using the v cut I bent it into place and welded around it then welded the front v. Oh, had to cut the down tubes in back to fit the rectangle piece of frame you see in the pic.
Like I said, I think I will add one gusset under the seat onto the down tubes.
:cool:Wow, good job, Doc!

You're too cool. I'll probably buy a used mt bike w/small frame so i can touch flat-footed.

The frame doesn't have to fit me well, since i'm not pedalling at all.:rolleyes:

Thank you. Yeah it makes a giant difference, that you don't have to pedal.