Chopper bars on Mtn bike

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by capturedbyrobots, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. I finally did it.
    I won some old stingray "chopper" bars of ebay for yes...$1!
    Local pickup was free, hooray!

    So I mounted them, and they feel so nice, compared to my old low MTN bike bars. The only problem is that my old shifters
    won't fit well over the bends in the bars, so I made a separate support bar for now,
    just until I get something better.
    I had some cheap blue foam grips, so I put them on to keep with the color scheme.

    Now I need to try and find a blue sparkle banana seat, and make the high metal
    rear support they had with a backrest and I'll have a big kid's stingray again..... Doesn't the bike just scream for a banana seat?

    I guess she'll be named, Ol' Blue...

    This motorized bicycling thing has really got a hold of me.
    I haven't ridden my goped in a few weeks....

    If anyone has an old blue sparkle banana seat they want to get rid of for cheap, hit me up with a pm....

    Ol' Blue

  2. You know I always thought ape hangers would only look good with a cruiser frame.
    You just proved that wrong. How did you do that mount for your gear shifters?
    And how you gonna put a bannana seat on a rack mount?
    Here's an easy mod. Just pad up that rear rack.
    Then remove your seat and lean on back. :cool:
  3. Torques

    Torques Guest

    Beautiful setup, is that a friction drive?
  4. Yep, it's friction drive. Thanks!

    It's really comfy. I feel like a biker when riding it, and
    probably look like a dork, but I don't care.

    For the gear setup I took a piece of aluminum tube from some old cut off goped handlebars (7/8) and flattened the ends to fit these bar clamps I had from some motocross bars my friend gave me long ago. I had to cut one side of the flattened end down to be able to take the shifters on and off.

    It's just cable tied for I don't have fittings handy.

    I think I'm going to get some new shifters that can just clamp around the side or bottom of the bars without adding that whole extra contraption.
    Oh how I would love one of those shifters on the column.
  5. You know, I really hate the GT and all the words written all over this bike..
    It's so obnoxious. I wish they were just decals, but it's paint :(
  6. If you put your ear real close to her,she's probably gonna say "Strip me,paint me.Make me cool."

    Paint would really make that bike.
  7. graucho

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    Look super. You have got to love those $1.00 modifications. They make you fell soooooo good.
  8. Scottm

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  9. Thanks Scott. When I'm ready and I'm sure what color I'm going to do
    (I'm going to paint it or strip it for sure),
    I'll ask you for that coupon if you still have it....

    For the sissy bar I'm probably going to move the engine assembly
    forward, and lock it to the small triangle under the seat post.

    Then the turnbuckles will angle forward,
    thus giving me room to add the sissy bar vertically.

    I think the whole bike will look better then,
    because the engine will be right below the seat, and will look
    nice and compact.
  10. az cra-z

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    Me, too!

    I've had high bars on my Nishiki "mountain style" bike for a while, partly because I like to sit up straight, partly because I need so much room to mount stuff (even more since this pic was taken):
  11. Yeah, I need to get a banana seat or a longer seat.
    I'm all the way at the back, and it's a rougher ride.

    I''ll try that, but I might just get a extra support that comes off my post.
    (I saw one the other day meant for a tandem bike, where the back handlebars were attached to the front seatpost)

    I could surely adjust that to accommodate a much longer seat as well.