Chopper Bike Building Nightmare

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May 28, 2020
Alright I am very new to these motorbikes, but I had the bright idea to build one of these on a Schwinn Stingray Chopper as a project for me and my son. I've had very many issues with finding a hub adapter that would actually fit right. And I bought a 66/80cc flying horses when they first came out with EPA engines. I just now am putting on a zeda dio reed kit with a windowed pistion with a 21mm OKO PWK Carberetor. My last issue was I leaned tf outta the piston and cylinder so badly it took gouges out and piston look so dry n ate up mostly trying to save my ass on the warranty they say 100:1, but I didn't put more than 20-30 miles or so on it... Any ideas how I could maybe install this gas tank seat post higher to elevate for carberetor? I honestly haven't even gotten this thing up over 30mph yet because of hub adapter problems, or fuel air/ high revving all the time. Any advice is very much appreciated and I wish I knew this was available from the beginning of all this mess.


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Looks like you'll need a new cylinder and piston. The dio red cylinders are famous for leaking air behind ther reed block. Your really better off using a sleeved G5 cylinder with aG2 reed valve. These can be found on Ebay under BGF motors. You'll have to measure your hub diameter to get the correct hub adapter. Get some measurements and I'll find you a link where to find them
Re-Direct the transfer ports to blow towards the Intake side of a sleeved cylinder
Not really sure on how to do that, but I already ordered the dio Reed and window piston with oko carb and got it installed except now I am having issues with the bike staying idled without giving it gas, and I have absolutely no acceleration at all!! If I open the throttle it does basically nothing at all!!