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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tinsmith, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Tinsmith

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    When I visit the website there is often a photo of a chopper bike in the upper left corner. It looks similar to mine, but looks like it has a real nice fat rear tire and better front wheel. Is it possible to get a better look and maybe some information about it? Thanks for any help.

  2. cspaur13

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    umm if its the one im thinking of it's probally gruacho's chopper.
    just do a search for him under members list. i dont know if i spelt his name right though
  3. srdavo

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    Looks like one of azvinnie's OCC Stingrays.
  4. cspaur13

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  5. augidog

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    i put that selection of pics together a long time ago for the random-flipper, named 01.jpg-40.jpg (was gonna add more in periodic batches of 20*)

    refresh the main-page until you see the one in question and "save" it, then post it here.

    *anyone who'd like to volunteer some simple graphics work (cropping, pasting, renaming) could help Tom get some more pics up there.
  6. Tinsmith

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    Thanks for the replies. It's not Graucho's fat tire chopper. It might be a stingray. I have a Grubee WSC1 chopper. It's a 24" rear and 26'front wheel. It is my first build and have had a good time with it. I am considering an over the winter tear-down and put a fat rear tire and better brakes fron and rear. I'll be asking for advice on the brakes I'm sure. I have located a rim that will accomodate a 4-41/2" tire I beleive, but of course that will require a lot of re-alignment of sprockets and chains. We'll see what this winter brings. I'm just gonna ride it the rest of the year as is and get the motor broken in well. Thanks for all the help.